Pages for Windows Phone: Get Updates From Your Favorite Facebook Pages [Windows Phone]

MOin 21-03-2013

Facebook clients for smartphone devices often do not focus on the latest news from your Facebook pages. Here to change that is an application called Pages.


facebook pages windows phone

Pages is a free to use smart device application that is compatible with smartphones running the Windows Phone operating system. The application is sized at nearly 1 MB. The purpose of this application is to let smartphone owners quickly get their favorite updates from the Internet.

The way this application works is through Facebook. You start off by connecting the application through your Facebook account. You will find all of your liked pages at the same place on the application. In addition to these pages you also get featured pages which will most probably be of interest to you.

pages for windows phone

The data shown by all pages is all interactive. You are shown the latest posts and images that appear on these pages; users are able to interact with these by commenting on the posts or by making new posts on the pages, just like you would on Facebook’s native interface.


The pages you liked through the application can also be pinned to your phone’s home screen. Whenever there are new posts for these pinned pages, you will get a new notification on your Windows Phone.


Check out Pages for Windows Phone @ [No Longer Available]

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