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Ownstagram: Instagram Alternative That Lets You Own Your Photos 100%

Israel Nicolas 14-01-2013

Instagram is today’s premier photo-sharing app, but it has somehow lost luster amidst all the TOS changes, security, and ownership concerns. If you want to share photos that you truly own, you can host your own Instagram-like platform with Ownstagram. This photo sharing software lets you upload your pictures from the website or its own dedicated Android app, while having full ownership of your photos.


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Ownstagram is a free service with high ideals. It will let you keep ownership of your own photos, free from advertisement or hidden risk. You can even download the open-source software so you can host your pics on your own. All you need is a PHP and MySQL enabled server.

Ownstagram’s design language is very sleek and simple. Once you have registered with Ownstagram, you can upload photos from the website or the Android app. Once uploaded, you can share the page with a unique URL, or send the image via e-mail.

Readers viewing your images can post their own comments and view your public photos. The Android app even includes filters, just like Instagram.



Ownstagram is a timely app for anyone looking to participate in social photography without relenting to Instagram’s terms of service. As more users support this format, and host clones of the project, it can slowly become a viable guilt-free alternative to Instagram.


Check out Ownstagram @ [Broken URL Removed]  or download the Android app @ [No Longer Available]

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