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Creating several screenshots can be a bit of a hassle if you are left only with MS Paint or Photoshop. Owely is a much more seamless instant screenshot capture tool that allows you to take a screenshot of the whole desktop or part of the screen, mark some comments on them, and then share them with your friends within seconds.

instant screenshot

To start creating screenshots with Owely, download and install the desktop client, then log into your account. Owely sits on your system tray where you can easily use it to capture a screenshot. Once you create a screenshot, you will be sent to the screenshot edit mode where you can draw on it, write a text, or crop the image. You can also add a title and a description for your completed screenshot before uploading them directly to Owely.

instant screenshot

Owely makes it very convenient to share your screen. This is especially useful for note-taking, webdesign collaboration, or if you simply want to create a screenshot, draw some doodles, and share them with your friends.

instant screenshot


  • Create, draw and crop screenshots seamlessly.
  • Keyboard shortcuts make taking screenshots more productive.
  • Upload your screenshot directly to your Owely account.
  • Capture screenshots by whole screen, window, or region.
  • Lets you run on Windows startup.
  • Similar tools: Screenpresso, Talon, SnapCasa, and SuperScreenshots.

Check out Owely @ www.owely.com

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