Overlays: Float Your Favorite Screen Widgets On Top Of Other Apps (Android)

Azim Toktosunov 11-04-2013

Sometimes it is very convenient to have your frequently used phone features or apps always visible on your smartphone screen. For example to be able to float your music player while playing a game or float a calculator while doing some tasks on a spreadsheet or float a note taking app while reading an ebook. If you were looking for such an option, check out Overlays.


It is an app for Android that lets you float your favorite home screen widgets and phone features anywhere, on top of other apps.

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After you install the Overlays app, to start using overlays you will have to create Profiles. You have to set up different Profiles for different groups of widgets. Once a Profile is set, start adding widgets from your apps selection by dragging them from the panel to the screen. There are also built-in default widgets that you can add to the screen including Missed Calls, Battery status, Clock, Unread messages and Weather.

On-screen widgets can be re-sized and dragged around the screen as you see fit. Simply hold your finger on the widget and wait till it turns red. Furthermore, you can configure settings for every widget – background colours, transparency and whether the widget is clickable or not.

overlay Overlays: Float Your Favorite Screen Widgets On Top Of Other Apps (Android) 31


The app is free but has a Pro version. Pro version unlocks additional features including Application profiles, Tasker integration and unique in-house Overlays.


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