Outlook’s Mobile App Just Got Some Great Calendar Features
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Some popular app types have so many developers trying to get a piece of the pie that it can be hard to find the best one. For a while, in the world of calendar apps, Sunrise was considered to be one of the best. We praised it for its great cross-platform integration and unique feature set.

However, the team behind Sunrise was recently acquired by Microsoft, and since then they’ve had less and less time to work on developing Sunrise. Thus, the app itself is now defunct, but some of its best features are living on in Outlook for Android and iOS.

These new features include some that are purely aesthetic, such as icons for appointments changing based on their name. This means that “Meet Jen for dinner” will feature a little fork and knife icon by its event.

Other changes are functionally useful: when setting a location for events, the app will automatically try to find the place you’re entering. Once completed, you can use your phone’s map app to navigate there.

If you change your mind about a meeting, you can also adjust the time of an event simply by dragging handles. These updates are then sent out to everyone attending, helping to keep things straight.

Finally, the Sunrise integration brings new calendars you can add for sports teams or TV shows. These keep you updated on when your favorite team is playing next, or remind you to carve out time to watch your favorite shows.

Hardcore Sunrise users are still likely to be disappointed by this loss of functionality. For everyone else using Outlook, however, these features are pretty neat to have.

Did you notice these updates to your Outlook app? Let us know if you recognized them as coming from Sunrise in the comments!

Image Credit: Andrey_Popov via Shutterstock

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