How to Instantly Organize iOS Photos Using Tags

Digging through thousands of photos is one of the most exasperating exercises in life. Tags are the simplest way to organize your files and bring them under control. With a few well-thought tags, you can quickly label your photos and find them when you need to see them again.

Tagging your media files neatly is one of the technology habits 10 Mini-Habits That Solve Your Tech Problems for Life Technology related mini-habits can change your life for the better. Mini-habits can help you adopt a few practices that make technology more useful, safer, or work better for you. Read More you should adopt for a hassle free search down the road. Taggle [Broken URL Removed] is a simple and free iPhone app that helps you get into the practice. Let’s begin with your iPhone Camera Roll.

How Smart Is iOS 10 With Photos?

The latest iOS upgrade iOS 10 Is Here! Why You Should Upgrade Right Now Apple's tenth revision of its mobile operating system is here. This is how to upgrade right now for free. Read More does a far better job of organizing photos in Albums. The tile view includes two new albums called People and Places. Also, you can now search for specific items in a photo.

For example: Type “water” in the search box, and the results come back with any photos taken near water. A new tab along the bottom of the Photos app called Memories is a photo curator around location and dates. Siri is also brainier. Use voice to search for photos by specific date, time frame or location.

But precise “tags” are still one of the more flexible tools that is completely in your control. That is where Taggle comes in.

Download — Taggle for iOS [No Longer Available]

Tags Are Just Simpler

Imagine you clicked a photo of your pet dog. Use Taggle to quickly give it a personal tag with one touch.

Taggle saves you the trouble of moving photos in and out of albums. Just select one or more photos and tag them with a swipe. It’s difficult to describe the simplicity in words. The video below gives a better demonstration:

Sign-in with a new account and give the app access to your photos. Taggle gives you the option to convert album titles to tags without affecting your gallery. A brief tutorial takes you through the process of selecting the photos and giving them tags.

In a single touch, you can tag, share, delete photos, and even lock some private ones in the app’s private gallery. Search is also sped up with the help of the Tag Bar on the left. Select a tag and see all the photos labelled with it.

Clean up or organize multiple photos with features like Double Touch which allows you to select all photos taken at the same time and place. Or, use Point Touch to pick the all photos in between the first and last in the series.

Organize your Photos with Taggle

Try out the free app. Taggle is designed for the prolific but lazy smartphone photographer.

Taggle was inspired by the ease of Mailbox. It is definitely swipe-friendly, but is it user-friendly enough for you? Also, tell us if you prefer tags to albums.

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