ORB: Online Meeting Room Manager
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Project managers trying to grab a meeting room at the last minute isn’t an unusual scene in a big firm. With many employees working on various projects, the limited availability of meeting rooms in the company poses a problem. ORB is an online meeting room manager that offers a simple booking and management solution for meeting rooms so that managers can make the best use of available rooms.

meeting room manager

Through its web based interface one can add rooms, check availability and book them in advance. A nice and important feature is real time availability check so that no two people end up booking the same room at the same time. The tool isn’t as polished as you might want it to be but it gets the job done. It’s in beta and free for the time being.

meeting room management tool


  • Free online meeting room manager.
  • Check room availability and book them in advance.
  • Real time meeting room availability check and booking.
  • Quickly add rooms.
  • Free while in beta.

Check out ORB @ www.orbapp.com

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