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The Best Way to Check Text & Sites for Spelling Mistakes

Saikat Basu 29-12-2008

A misspelled word is a lesser sin than a grammatical mistake, but only by an inch.


It’s a graver error today because you have so many spellchecking tools How To Spell Check A Document Without A Word Processor Still copying text into Word so you can check your spelling? Stop. It's 2013, and spell check is built into everything from browsers to PDF readers. Read More that can spot what the human eye misses. But one of these tools is better than the rest. It’s a 3-in-1 tool that does three face-saving jobs, and all you need to do is copy and paste.

Free Online Spell Check Tool is a free service from the guys at Internet Marketing Ninjas. The speedy online spellchecker is also an SEO tool. It’s important because typographical errors are regarded as “poor content” by Google’s PageRank algorithms.

Find Sloppy Spellings Quickly

The best time to catch a typo is right before you publish that post or send that email. The second-best time is just after you have put it out there and right before the grammar storm-troopers have attacked.

A free online spellchecker.

The Free Online Spell Check Tool is your buoy. You can check spelling in three ways:

  1. A simple block of text
  2. An uploaded document
  3. A complete webpage or a website

Enter the content you want to check. Click on Ninja Check. At the end of the spellcheck page report, the list of misspelled words is shown in a crawling report. Click on the number and the result opens in a separate browser tab.

Review the Word List section to see if any of them are actual misspellings or brand names or other unique terms specific to the document you are scanning. The caught words are highlighted in red.

The Best Way to Check Text & Sites for Spelling Mistakes SpellChecker Results

The spellchecker does not highlight words that have a capital letter in them or words with numbers or special characters in them. Before you check the document, you can also provide a list of words you want ignored.

Spell Check Website Content

This is the core tool which will help ensure your website meets Google’s strict demands on quality content. You can check a single webpage or a bunch of pages with a click. Just select the number of URLs you want the tool crawler to scan, and then click Ninja Check. The maximum limit for crawling is up to 1,000 pages.

But please be mindful that the tool is limited to only 5 runs per day per user.

Make Your Proofreading Easier

The Free Online Spell Check Tool is not perfect. For instance, it doesn’t display the correct spellings of misspelled words. But it’s still worth a place in your SEO tools because it can crawl webpages and websites in quick time.

Typosaurus and Online Spellcheck are two alternative spellcheckers you can try.

Which spellchecker gives you the most accurate results?

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