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Opera Touch Brings One-Handed Browsing to iOS

Dave Parrack 03-10-2018

Opera has launched Opera Touch on iOS, just in time for the release of the new iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max Apple Unveils the iPhone Xs and Xs Max Apple has unveiled its latest iPhones, the Xs and Xs Max. And while they may look the same, there are improvements under the hood. Read More . Opera Touch is a mobile web browser designed to be used with one hand, and offering a host of mobile-friendly features.


While it cannot claim the biggest market share, Opera is continually innovating. After showing us the future of web browsers with Opera Neon Opera Neon Reveals the Future of Web Browsers Opera has launched a brand new web browser called Opera Neon. This is a concept web browser designed to offer a tantalizing glimpse at the future. Read More , in April 2018, the company released Opera Touch on Android Opera Touch Is a New One-Handed Mobile Browser Opera Touch is a new mobile web browser designed to be used with just one hand and let you share content between your smartphone and your computer in an instant. Read More . And Opera Touch is now available on iOS.

Opera Touch Boasts FAB and Flow

According to Opera, a whopping 95 percent of iOS users in the U.S. stick with Safari, never even trying out the alternatives. However, the company is convinced its new mobile browser, Opera Touch, is better than Safari. Here’s why…

Opera Touch is designed to be used with just one hand, making it perfect for smartphones with large screens. The Fast Action Button is located in the bottom middle of the screen, and, once pressed, it gives you access to key functions.

Then there’s Flow, which allows you to share links, images, and videos between Touch and the Opera desktop browser. Just scan a QR code to establish a connection between the two, and you can then share files in an end-to-end encrypted environment.

Opera Touch also adapts to your browsing habits, adding your most-visited sites to your homescreen. The mobile browsers also boasts both a built-in ad blocker (please whitelist MakeUseOf!) and protection against cryptojacking.


Opera Touch Wants to Topple Safari

Unfortunately for Opera we think the company will struggle to convince many iOS users to ditch Safari. Just like Android and Chrome, the two go hand in hand. Still, Touch is an attractive and capable browser that’s available to download from the App Store.

If you’re currently using Apple’s default web browser you should check out these tips for boosting Safari’s speed and performance. And if you’re looking to try a different mobile browser beyond Opera Touch consider these alternatives to Chrome and Safari 5 New Mobile Browser Alternatives to Chrome and Safari Look beyond Chrome and Safari. There are other mobile browsers out there that can completely change your gateway to the internet. Read More .

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