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7 Opera GX Features All Gamers Will Love

Ben Stegner 03-02-2020

The chances are that you have a favorite browser for a reason. Maybe it integrates well with the services you use, or perhaps it has exclusive features you can’t get anywhere else.


If you enjoy playing PC games, you might be interested to know that Opera now offers a web browser designed specifically for gamers. Its name is Opera GX, and these are the Opera GX features all gamers will love.

1. Built-In Resource Controls

Opera GX Control

Everyone knows that Google Chrome likes to use plenty of RAM Why Is Google Chrome Using So Much RAM? Here's How to Fix It Why does Google Chrome use so much RAM? What can you do to keep it in check? Here's how to make Chrome use less RAM. Read More and CPU. When you have a game open, you don’t want to waste any resources that could otherwise power what you’re playing. However, you often need to keep your browser open to access a guide, video chat with friends, or similar.

That’s why Opera GX offers GX Control. This feature lets you limit how much RAM, network bandwidth, and CPU the browser can use. Whether you’re gaming on an underpowered system and want to squeeze the most out of your resources, or just want your browser to stay out of the way as much as possible, this is a welcome addition.

To access it, click the GX Control icon on the left sidebar, which looks like a speedometer. Once it’s open, you can keep an eye on current resource usage and add limits as needed.


If you don’t see this icon, you’ll need to click the three-dot Menu button at the bottom of the left sidebar and make sure GX Control is checked. Opera GX lets you customize this sidebar however you like, so you may need to enable other options discussed in this list using the same method.

2. Twitch Integration

Opera GX Twitch

If you’re a fan of Twitch, you’ll love that Opera GX makes it easy to follow your favorites right from the browser sidebar. Simply log in with your Twitch account, and you can see who’s live and get notifications when someone starts streaming.

It’s a small perk, but one that keeps you from having to open the Twitch site constantly. Having it to the side as you work on something else makes it more convenient, too.


To use it, just click the Twitch logo in the sidebar and sign in to your account.

3. Messenger Apps in Your Sidebar

Opera GX WhatsApp

If you chat with friends via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Telegram, you can also access these in the Opera GX sidebar. Simply enable them through the menu as discussed earlier, then sign into your accounts.

Once you open any of these sidebar apps, take a look at the top bar for a few handy features. Click Pin to keep the chat window open all the time, alongside whatever you’re viewing in the browser. You can use the three-dot Menu button at the top to mute the messenger service, too.


You probably use Discord to communicate with your gaming friends, but if you know of any stragglers on other services, the integration lets you keep them all together. Combined with resource limiting, you can use everything in one place and prevent any one app from taking more than it needs.

4. Stay Informed With GX Corner

Opera GX Corner

Keeping track of video game releases, news, and discounts can be tough. That’s why Opera GX includes the GX Corner page, which bundles all of this information together in one easy place.

After clicking it on the sidebar (the icon is a game controller), you’ll see a load of information. There’s a release calendar at the top with upcoming titles, plus a list of games that have been making headlines lately. Below this, you’ll find deals on PC games, followed by news stories from the worlds of gaming, technology, and related topics.


At the top of the page, you can select a platform (such as Windows, Xbox, or Switch) to only see games for that system. You can also hide some systems or entire sections using the Gear icon in the top-right.

5. A Slick Look and Customization Options

Opera GX Setup Options

Compared to the pretty spartan look of most browsers, Opera GX is designed to appeal to gamers. Its icons look futuristic, and even the menus have a sleek air to them. If you prioritize aesthetics, this is definitely a plus.

Speaking of which, if you want your browser to match the custom lighting theme on your PC, Opera GX gives you the option to do this. Click the Easy setup button in the top-right of the browser, which looks like a set of sliders, to take a look.

Here you can choose a color theme for the browser, pick from a set of space-inspired wallpapers, change the animation style for menus, and more. If you’d like to set up even more customization, click the Settings gear in the left sidebar to access all of the browser settings.

Some parts of the settings menu will look familiar if you’ve used Google Chrome, and even more familiar if you’ve used the main Opera browser (more on that shortly).

6. Video Pop-Out Controls

Opera GX Video Pop

Opera GX lets you pop out YouTube and Twitch videos, so you can watch them while doing something else. To use this feature, simply open a video on either platform and mouse around the top of the video player. You’ll see an icon slide out from the top.

Clicking this will pop out the video in a new window, which you can drag around and keep open even when browsing other tabs. Drag it from either edge to resize, and click the X in the top-right corner to close it when you’re done.

In the future, Opera GX also plans to offer a “video over game” feature. This will let you watch video walkthroughs, tutorials, streams, or any other content while playing your game. When you get stuck, this is a convenient way to get some help without having to switch back and forth between windows over and over.

7. Plus Everything Else Opera Offers

At its core, Opera GX is the mainline Opera browser, just with extra gaming-focused features. If you’ve never used it before, you might not know about the best Opera features 9 Opera Browser Tips That Make Web Browsing More Fun Opera offers much more than what meets the eye. There are a host of other nifty browsing features you probably don’t know about. Read More that are waiting to be discovered inside.

For instance, Opera has a basic built-in VPN to help protect your privacy. You can also use its mouse gestures to get around quickly with a flick of your wrist. And Opera is compatible with Chrome extensions, so you can bring all of your favorites over from the Chrome Web Store.

If you’ve been searching for a better browser, these features might make Opera your new favorite for all functions—gaming and non-gaming alike.

Opera GX: The Best Web Browser for Gamers

Opera is already a great browser, and Opera GX adds some excellent tools gamers will appreciate. Give it a try and see if it’s the right choice for your gaming PC.

At the time of writing, Opera GX is still in early access. Because it’s still actively being developed, the team behind it wants to hear feedback about how it works so far. If you like what you’ve seen here, why not give Opera GX a try and make your voice heard. By doing so, you could end up making the final product even better.

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  1. Mike Walsh
    February 5, 2020 at 12:02 pm

    It'd be REAL nice if we got a Linux version. Why should Linux users lose out? Especially given that Steam, et al, are now porting over to our side, too.....