Opera Has a Nifty Online Shopping Feature Most Don’t Know About

Saikat Basu 25-09-2017

Have you switched browsers yet? Opera has some great features 8 Opera Features You Should Start Using Today Let's explore eight of the best Opera features that will make browsing smoother and more convenient for you. We bet you'll want to start using them right away. Read More  that make it stand out from the pack. Let’s talk about one more that many people have missed.


When using Opera’s VPN or ad-blocker, you might not have realized that Opera is the only browser that comes with its own currency converter.

A Better Experience on Foreign Online Shops

The different online marketplaces are a pointer to how our shopping habits have changed. At the click of a mouse, we can shop anywhere from Abu Dhabi to Zurich. If you use Chrome, I bet you plug the dollar or pound value into the search bar and find the latest exchange amount for your own country.

Opera makes it a lot easier. In version 42, the built-in currency converter supports 32 currencies with rates updated daily based on values from the European Central Bank.

Opera's in-built currency convertor

You don’t have to download anything extra. Just select the listed amount in the foreign currency and Opera automatically detects your location and converts it into your local currency. The conversion is displayed in a subtle popup.


Want to change the local currency or even disable it? Head to Opera’s Settings page:

  1. Click the Opera icon > Select Settings.
  2. Click Browser on the sidebar.
  3. Go to the User interface area. Select a currency from the drop-down menu next to the option marked On text selection convert currency to.

Euro is used as the base currency for calculating the exchange rate:

“According to the ECB, its reference rates are updated on working days, excluding TARGET closing days (generally Saturday, Sunday, and certain holidays).”

If it’s a high-value transaction, be careful to verify the exchange rate with your bank.

Yet Another Reason to Use Opera

The automatic conversion is such a timesaver. Yes, it is a tiny feature, but a thoughtful one as we turn to online stores to look for things we don’t find in our own local ones. The Opera blog post says that 45 percent of online shoppers worldwide purchase stuff from foreign stores.

Are you a global shopper? How often do you get frustrated with currency conversions?

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