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Justin Pot 18-12-2009

If you’re anything like me you usually have Gmail, Google Voice, Google Documents and a couple other Google applications open at any given moment during your workflow. This works beautifully if you’re the only person using the computer, but can be a disaster if someone asks “can I check my email for a second?” Gmail will not properly load until all your other services are logged out, so you have to close all the things your working on.


Multifox, a new plugin from the fine folks at Mozdev, addresses this issue. Whenever you need to be logged in as two users on any webpage – Google, Yahoo, the list goes on and on – simply click “File” followed by “New Identity Profile.” Voila! A new window will open not logged into anything, allowing you to log into another account without logging out of the first one. Multifox puts a numbered icon in your address bar so you can keep track of how many profiles you have open.


This isn’t only useful for friends wanting to check their email. If you have two different accounts at one site this is a quick way to leave both of those open. It works with any website you need a username and a password in order to use, so the potential uses are nearly limitless.




– Log into one site with multiples usernames.

– Opens a new window clean of any and all logins.

– Windows and sessions are automatically preserved when Firefox is shut down and restored when Firefox is opened.

– Available on any operating system Firefox works with – Linux, Mac and even Windows.

Check out Multifox at

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  1. mark
    December 19, 2009 at 6:56 am

    I try to stay away from anything "google"