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Fonts are nearly universal at this point, but every once in a while you may stumble upon a piece of software incompatible with a certain kind of font. OnlineFontConverter allows you to convert from one font format to another. The service supports converting from and to .dfont .eot .otf .pfb .pfm .suit .svg and .ttf fonts.

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Getting started with the service is easy. Just visit the site, and create a username and password, or skip that process by clicking the “Skip Login” button. You can then upload your fonts. Once your font is uploaded – and this won’t take long – you’ll be able to click any file format to convert your font. As soon as the conversion is complete you’ll be able to download your font in its new, compatible format.

If you don’t want to wait for the conversion to complete, registering for an account means you’ll receive an email when all your conversions are complete.


  • Convert any font from one format to another.
  • Web-based application can email you upon completion.
  • Supports dfont .eot .otf .pfb .pfm .suit .svg and .ttf.
  • For more similar tools see MakeUseOf  ‘fonts’ section.

Check out OnllineFontConverter @

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