OnlineEggTimer: Provides Multiple Countdown Timers
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If you are looking for a web tool with multiple countdown timers, check out “Online Egg Timer”. It  is a free and simple to use website. The site can  provides you up to three different countdown watches, each of which you can start, pause, and restart. When the countdown of each watch is up, a bell sound is played. Times for the watches can be easily set by  modifying the URL in following format:

for example:


multiple countdown timer

From its name, you can guess that the stopwatches are intended to assist boiling multiple eggs in different pans at the same time. But you can also set them to indicate certain time spots; for instance set a specific time for task 1; when you hear the first bell, move on to task 2 and so on. With a little creativity on your part, “Online Egg Timer” can become quite the useful time management tool.


Check out “Online Egg Timer” @ [No Longer Available]

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