Online Pharmacies Phish For Google Plus Fans With Fake Invites [News]

Online Pharmacies Phish For Google Plus Fans With Fake Invites [News] googleplusscamthumbHave you received a Google Plus invite lately? If so, you may want to make sure it’s legit before you click, as some of the Internet’s least respectable online pharmacies have been using the hype as a way to hook new customers.

The scam works through the typical phishing formula. Those targeted receive an official-looking Google+ invite in their inbox, inviting them join the service. Unlike some fake emails, this particular phony invite is a reasonably accurate reproduction of the real thing; although the recent introduction of Google’s new social networking The 5 Best Open-Source Social Networking Software Read More service makes it unlikely that most recipients have a clue as to what a real invite should look like.

Online Pharmacies Phish For Google Plus Fans With Fake Invites [News] googleplusscam1

Once clicked, however, the invite instead open an online pharmacy offering a wide variety of drugs that people may be embarrassed to buy or unable to afford, such as Viagra. There haven’t yet been any indication that the site is attempting to steal user information or that the site itself contains any browser exploits 7 Browser Security Tests to Try Out and Prevent Exploit Attacks Read More . Thankfully, this simple scam is annoying at its worst.

Still, this round of false invites points once again to the vulnerabilities inherent in social networks and tools. It’s easy to imagine that an email such of this could contain a more damaging payload, and it would no doubt be effective at capturing the attention of some users. Google’s decision to turn off invitations due to the incredible demand makes invites a valuable commodity that’s sure to attract curious eyes.

Source: Daily Mail Online

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  1. Meno Soeli
    July 6, 2011 at 3:32 pm

    Google was right when they said "insane demand" and it just keeps on. there are updates  from the Google+ Project Team at: