Online Function Generator: Plot Multiple Functions Online & Share Or Download The Graph
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Science and mathematics students often have to deal with equations and their graphical plots. While there are powerful desktop applications dedicated to this purpose, a quick web service for this task is the brilliant OnlineFunctionGenerator.

plot multiple functions online

Online Function Generator is a simple to use web tool that lets you plot multiple functions on the same graph. You keep on adding equations and the tool keeps on plotting them with different colors. The input text format is the same as in MATLAB and other popular math programs. Resultant graphs can be downloaded as JPG images; alternatively you can obtain the direct URL for the graph and share it with people online.

plot functions online


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you plot functions online.
  • Supports multiple functions.
  • Assigns different colors to each function plot.
  • Generates a unique URL for each plot.
  • Lets you download the graph image.

Check out OnlineFunctionGenerator @ [No Longer Available]

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