5 Online Christmas Charities You Can Donate To

Mihir Patkar 03-12-2016

They say the true meaning of Christmas lies in the joy of giving. It’s a time of the year to reflect upon our own good fortunes and help our fellow humans. Ask yourself, is it better to give an expensive gift to your privileged friends and family, or to give to those who don’t have anything?


People rightly open their hearts and their wallets during Christmas, helping those who are less fortunate than them. A $50 gift for your friend isn’t going to mean as much to him as a $50 gift box for a child who will otherwise go without toys.

We understand that you may not be able to volunteer time or effort this season Volunteer Professional Skills To Charity In 5 Minutes With Sparked Read More . But you’re under-valuing how far a dollar can go. Donations are what keep charitable organizations running.

Whether you want to see exactly who you help, or you want to help in a larger cause, an internet donation can make it happen. Here are five charities where you can make a difference by just paying a few bucks online.

1. Operation Christmas Child (Web): Customize a Gift Box for a Kid

Samaritan’s Purse, a global non-profit organization, set up one of the coolest Christmas charities. Every year, they invite people to grab an old shoebox, stuff it with toys, and drop it off at their office. The box is then sent to a kid who would otherwise go gift-less on December 25.

The collection week for boxes is over, but you can still send a shoebox through an online initiative. At Shoebox World, you can prepare a gift box for a boy or a girl, choose their age, and pick appropriate gifts from an array of items. Write out a note when you’re done. This box can be tracked all the way till the recipient opens it.


It’s a donation of 18 British pounds, or roughly $22 USD, per box. You’re free to send more than one. It’s one of the best Christmas gift charities for needy families Find Christmas Help for Needy Families With 5 Gift Charity Sites Low-income families can't afford to buy gifts or prepare a special Christmas meal. But there are always good-hearted folks willing to lend a hand. Read More we’ve seen.

2. World Vision (Web): Help Cold and Hungry Children

While you’re warming up by the fireplace, there’s a kid out there shivering in the cold winter night. While you enjoy a hot chocolate and gleefully watch the snow, that kid is holding his stomach because he hasn’t eaten anything today. Don’t be blind to your own privileges.

Christmas Charities Online Donate -- World Vision

World Vision exclusively helps children in need of basic necessities, or those who could use something to cheer them up. It’s also among the reputed child sponsorship charities in the world The 7 Best "Sponsor A Child" Charities to Help a World in Need Help the world's children with their welfare, growth, and a brighter future. If charitable giving is one of your resolutions, then take a look at these seven "Sponsor A Child" charities. Read More . From food and warm clothes to toys and sturdy boots, World Vision’s international chapter will ensure your Christmas donation reaches the right children with the right help they need.

The gifts can be $60, $120, $180, $300, or any custom amount you want. And if you’re feeling generous this Christmas, you might want to sponsor a child for $39 per month.

3. Child’s Play (Web): Help Children’s Hospitals Directly

Child’s Play is one of the best ways games can help charities 4 Ways Gamers Can Help Charity There are multiple ways gamers can make a tangible difference in the world while indulging in the hobby they love! Here's what you need to know. Read More . It was founded by the creators of the popular Penny Arcade comic strip. Its objective is to cheer up children in hospitals with the joy of video games, or help these children’s hospitals directly.

Christmas Charities Online Donate -- Child's Play

What you’ll love about Child’s Play is the array of options you have. You can make a direct donation via PayPal, which will add to their bank. You can also buy Child’s Play gift cards or t-shirts for the holiday season from their online store.

But the best part is how you can reach hospitals directly. Child’s Play has set up the children’s hospitals in their network with Amazon wish lists. Use the map on the site to find a hospital you want to donate to. Click to see its Amazon wish list, and you’ll see something that the hospital desperately needs. It’s direct help, no middleman.

4. Pay Away the Layaway (Web): Pay Off K-Mart and Walmart Loans

During the holiday season, K-Mart, Walmart, and some of the other popular retailers in the U.S. offer “layaways”. A layaway is an installment-based way to purchase an item. This system is often used by low-income families to buy gifts during the holidays. Why not help them out?

Christmas Charities Online Donate -- Pay Away the Layaway

Layaway loans usually won’t burn a large hole in the pockets of a middle-class family member. Think about it; these layaways are largely used by those who can’t get credit cards because of their credit rating, or have exhausted other resources. Now, you could just go to your local K-Mart, Walmart, Toys-R-Us, Babies-R-Us, or other retailers and pay off someone’s layaway. Or otherwise, you can pool in with other individuals across the globe to “pay away the layaway”.

Pay Away The Layaway is a better idea since it lets you dictate how much you want to donate, and you know it will still add up to someone’s layaway loan. Plus, it’s one of the easiest ways to gift to a charity 6 Really Easy Ways To Make Charity A Happiness Gift For Your Christmas The Web has made it easy to contribute to the happiness of others. What’s holding us back? Here are six ways which don’t take you too much out of your way Read More in this holiday season.

5. Charity Navigator (Web): Find a Charity That You Believe In

While all the above four are excellent ways to give back to the community, they might not necessarily fit your beliefs. If you’re an animal lover, you might want to help strays during this holiday season. If senior citizens are close to your heart, then a retirement home is what you should look for. How do you find the right charity for you? Charity Navigator can help you donate to the right charitable cause online 9 Ways You Can Donate To Charitable Causes Online The Internet has made charitable giving really easy. Here are 9 ways to donate online. Read More .

The portal is a one-stop information hub of everything you need to know about any charity. You can browse organizations by topic or category. New charities are featured prominently. You can also browse the donation ticker to see what people are contributing towards.

The “top ten lists” is also a good place to start. For example, if you have trust issues with charities, then “charities with perfect scores” should help you find a reliable cause. Charity Navigator’s thorough research is the peace of mind you want to ensure your donations are going to the right place.

Did We Miss Any?

Are there any other Christmas charities that you can help with a simple online donation? We would love to know of more helpful causes, so drop a line in the comments if you have donated to some organization.

Now you’re in the Christmas spirit, why not treat yourself to watching a Christmas movie on Disney+ The 10 Best Christmas Movies on Disney+ Worth Watching Here are the best Christmas movies on Disney+. All of which are guaranteed to help you enjoy the holidays. Read More ?

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  1. melody
    December 17, 2019 at 2:13 am

    this isnt a way to find help . its a way of donating money to these charities !! how about someone read the comments once in a while ? these people really need help. theyre giving out their phone numbers even. id help but i live in arizona. by help i mean give to THEM not some charity that to be honest looks like its doing fine

  2. Brenda
    December 16, 2019 at 11:44 pm

    I am looking for a turkey for my roommates and myself and a dog.I don't know where to lookWe r all low income and rely on the food bank,Just want a turkey as we can't afford one.It will last us for days and feed my dog!If u can help please call me at 647-706-0990.Brenda

  3. Andrea Keith
    November 25, 2019 at 4:31 am

    I am a single mother of 5 wonderful children, I have been having a hard time lately I just moved back to Virginia I am still homeless due to a old eviction and bad credit keeping me from getting us a place, I am currently looking for work. But with the holidays coming my children will get nothing at all unless I can find someone willing to help me. My children are boys ages 10..8..and 5 and girls ages 2..and 1 anything at all would help..

  4. Ruby rolle
    November 21, 2019 at 2:33 am

    Hey I am need of help with chrimas for my grandkids but don't have no money to buy them anything I been illed for 14 years with a deadly disease I can't get rid of an been fighting for social security for years but they always deny been struggling for years an pray I wake everyday to see another day I love my grannies

  5. Ruby rolle
    November 21, 2019 at 2:29 am

    I am in need of help with my grannies u am very ill ed no income need help for Christmas been illed for 14 years an pray that I wake up an thank God for everyday I wake up been struggling for years an still is I would like to buy all my grandkids something for Christmas but can't need help I have 22 grandkids

  6. Mamie Mosby
    November 14, 2019 at 9:56 pm

    I am trying to find out how my family get adopted for Christmas I am a grandmother I have three grandchildren that live with me at the age of 15 16 and 17 the girl is 17 our house was flooded in the flood we lost just about everything we barely have food I work part-time next on the income that we have in and I just need some help to get over Christmas if someone can please tell me where I can find help for these three grandkids that I've been raising for Christmas because we had lost everything in the flood our house that we live in still have holes in it and we see what we've been trying to patch up from the flood and stuff can somebody please get in touch with me by telephone number. 5737958886 my name is Mamie Mosby thank you very much

  7. Bernice VanDyke
    November 3, 2019 at 2:45 am

    Christmas Sponsorship-757 is a online charity group in Virginia and they serve the 757 community.You can donate 3 ways..they have monetary donations,10pays for a present for 1 child,or you can buy toys and donate, or you can pick a child by age,city,and sponsor. They also do Christmas food baskets and stockings...

  8. Star
    October 9, 2019 at 4:15 am

    Babies of Homelessness in Seattle WA does an annual program called Adopt-A-Family where donors can purchase a gift (or all gifts) on a child BC experiencing Homelessness’s wish lists. Or sponsors as C’san individual or group can adopt an entire families wishlists.

  9. Radhika Vyas
    December 5, 2016 at 5:35 am

    Thanks Mihir Patkar for sharing this post!
    Its really useful post for those needy people and for those who want do some charities..