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This Online AI Coach Will Rate and Give Feedback on Your Photos

Saikat Basu 17-10-2016

Try getting honest feedback on your photos. Your Facebook and Instagram friends will be shackled by politeness, while the rest of humanity might just bypass your best shot without a blink. Enter Keegan, the online personal photo coach.


Keegan is not human. It is an artificial intelligence program that doesn’t pull any punches while critiquing your photos. You have to go with its decree that says – “I might be tough but no hard feelings!”


Keegan is not completely desensitized. The French startup which created it specializes in automatic image analysis. Professional photographers are behind the design and intelligence of the software. So, you can expect your photos to be rated according to the gold standards of good photographs.

Drag and Drop for Critical Comments

It’s as simple as that. Keegan takes a few seconds to analyze your photos and return a human-friendly feedback. Here’s a sample from one of my uploaded photos:

Keegan Feedback


Keegan gives 5/10 to a decent photo, 7/10 to a very good shot and 9/10 to an exceptional image. If you want to drill into the details of the criticism, click the Get more feedback button. You can see the aesthetic attributes broken into percentages. I think Keegan got it right for this particular photo. The labels also prove that the artificial intelligence program is also quite good with recognizing the elements in a photo.

Upload at least ten photos to allow Keegan to rate your expertise as a photographer. Uploading more photos also gives you a shot at unlocking one of the 17 Achievements or at least an Easter Egg. If your photo scores high enough, share your picture on Keegan’s public hall of fame. Head to your Profile page to see your scores and your achievements. I think the goal here is to encourage you to use Keegan more and help develop its artificial intelligence.

Worry not. Keegan has an explicit privacy policy. You can delete the photos from the tool’s servers anytime you wish from your profile page.

Will You Use It to Improve Your Photography?

Keegan is a robot. So, mileage will vary and the program will not get it right all the time. But it is a fun tool to try out for beginner photographers The Best Online Photography Courses for Beginners Are you searching for online photography classes to join? Then take your pick from these excellent lessons. Read More . Also, some of the feedback at least will make you think and perhaps show you some creative angle you missed in the moment.

Throw at least ten of your best shots at it and tell us if Keegan helped you to pause and reflect.

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