OneReceipt: Store All Your Purchase Receipts Online

Hammad 06-12-2011

Have you ever encountered the problem of keeping all your receipts in one place? You tend to lose a few and then maybe have problems paying your taxes maybe. If so, try out OneReceipt.


store receipts online

OneReceipt is a handy online utility which keeps all your receipts in one place – on the cloud. Not only are digital receipts stored, but also paper receipts can be turned into digital ones by taking a picture, and saving them online.

Tags and categories help users filter and file their receipts making it easy for them to know where they spend the most, and how they should save money.

All they have to do is sign up for an account on OneReceipt. Once the account is made, you can sync your OneReceipt account with Google Apps to sync all the receipts of your previous purchases. Otherwise, you can add it manually by taking a photo or by forwarding it to your OneReceipt email (shown in your dashboard).



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