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abhijeet 23-10-2010

If you are a writer, be it a big shot fiction novel author or an average web content writer like me, you must have heard of the term writer’s block – a state of mind when you just can’t write. I think One Page Per Day could be a perfect tool to cure that. It shows a blank page without any clutter every day and it wants you to write on it.


It’s like typing with a typewriter because it uses the same fonts. You could log in with your Google or Twitter account and write each day. If you don’t, it’ll remind you through Twitter or email that you’ve got to do it. It’ll push you to write on that blank page, which is good.

write a page a day

The site also has a public space called Glimpses, which shows public pages from random users. It’s kind of fun to go through the random thoughts which people have penned down on that blank page.


  • Tool to motivate you to write.
  • A blank page with typewriter fonts is all it provides.
  • Sign in with Twitter or Google, and get reminders if you forget to write.

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