How to Create a OneNote Calendar Template

Kayla Matthews 15-11-2017

OneNote is fantastic for taking and organizing notes. If you also use OneNote to manage tasks, you probably wish it included a calendar tool. Unfortunately, that’s one feature it’s missing.


While OneNote won’t do reminders, you can still set up a custom calendar. We’ll show you five ways to create a OneNote calendar template.

Download: Microsoft OneNote for Windows | macOS | iOS | Android (Free)

1. How to Make a Calendar Template in OneNote

First, we’ll look at what’s possible within OneNote itself The Only OneNote Guide You'll Ever Need OneNote is a powerful note-taking app. It's cross-platform and well integrated into Microsoft Office. Read this guide to become a OneNote pro! Read More . This first way to make a calendar is almost as easy as editing a standard Word document.

Create a New Notebook

Begin by launching OneNote. Then, go to the File menu and select New to create a new notebook. When prompted about notebook storage specifications, select Browse and choose a location on your local computer to save the notebook. Click Create.

create onenote calendar template


Type a name for your calendar on the new note page that pops up.

create onenote calendar template

Insert a Table

Next, click the Insert menu at the top of the page. Then click the Table option. It’s second from the left along the top.

Selecting the option to create a table brings up a grid used to design your calendar. Make a table with five rows and seven columns. Four of the rows are for the weeks in the month. There’s an extra row for the titles.


create onenote calendar template

Use the handles on the table to position it the way you want on the page.

Fill In the Table

Then, put your cursor in each of the boxes along the uppermost row. Spell out the full days of the week or any abbreviation you prefer. (I decided to start my week on Monday, but you can make Sunday the first column if that’s the way you want to do it.)

create onenote calendar template


Place your cursor around the calendar’s borders, plus along the boundaries of each internal row and column. Notice how it’s possible to click and drag those parts of the calendar to change their size.

Highlighting the text and clicking on the handle lets you change the font color and size. Make the words bold, italicized, or underlined, too. You can also select the typical heading and font styles that come with Microsoft Word. Just right-click and select your preferred style.

create onenote calendar template

And did you notice? Any time you click on the table, OneNote reveals a hidden Table Tools menu.


create onenote calendar template

This menu gives you easier access to table options like adding or deleting columns or rows, as well as text alignment options.

Now that you have the basics of your calendar template designed, Save your note and keep reading.

Save Your Calendar as a Custom OneNote Template

Ever since the 2013 version of OneNote, there are no native calendar templates within the program. However, you can improvise and create your own by making a template out of the basic calendar you just created.

Just go to the View menu on the top of the screen and select Paper Size from it.

create onenote calendar template

At the bottom of that window, you’ll see a text link. It reads Save current page as a template. Click this, and then name your calendar template.

create onenote calendar template

You can also opt to set this calendar as the default template for any new pages you create in this section. Doing this will save you time if you plan to create a new OneNote calendar every month.

If this is the route you plan to take, you might find it less confusing to rename the note something more generic, and then re-save the template.

create onenote calendar template

And there you have it! An easy to add and edit calendar template you can create for each new month! Now that you have the basics down, let’s get into a few variations.

2. Editing an Existing Template

Besides making a OneNote template from scratch How to Use OneNote Templates: Everything You Need to Know OneNote templates are essential for true productivity. Here's all you need to know to edit and create your own OneNote templates. Read More , you can also edit any existing templates as your scheduling needs change.

Just go to the Insert menu and click Page Templates. You’ll see a dropdown menu with an option that says Page Templates again. Click that.

create onenote calendar template

This last command brings up the Templates task pane. Click the tiny arrows next to the template category names to expand the template listings. Select the template you want to customize. That action opens up a new blank page and applies your chosen template to it.

create onenote calendar template

Edit the template however you want, then click Save current page as a template at the bottom of the screen.

Name this version of the template something different, then either delete the old template or keep both.

create onenote calendar template

3. Importing a Calendar Screenshot

OneNote also permits capturing a screenshot of a calendar image and importing it to the platform. Just open a new section in OneNote and find the calendar template you want to use.

Note: The simpler the template, the better. You can get inspiration from these free Microsoft Office calendar templates The Best Free Microsoft Office Calendar Templates for Staying Organized Whether you need a weekly, monthly, or yearly calendar, these free printable calendar templates for Microsoft Office can help you stay organized this year. Read More  as well as these sites for free printable calendar templates 10+ Sites to Find the Perfect Free Printable Calendar Template All Year Long You can never have enough reminders that your most valuable personal resource is limited. Our selection of printable weekly, monthly, and yearly calendars will help you manage your time wisely. Read More .

With OneNote open near the calendar you’ve found, go to the Insert menu, then choose Screen Clipping.

create onenote calendar template

Clip the existing calendar template along its borders and release the mouse when you have the screenshot lined up the way you want it. OneNote will pull the clipped image into your open note automatically. Now you have a beautiful calendar template but, oh no! You can’t edit it!

No worries! Just right-click on the clipped image and select Set Picture as Background.

create onenote calendar template

Now you can click anywhere you want within the note and type text on top of your calendar!

The only downside of this method is that the calendar rows won’t resize when you type in them, so you’ll have to keep your notes relatively short.

Pro Tip: Quickly make all your events stand out by highlighting all of your text at once and selecting a highlighter color.

create onenote calendar template

4. Navigating OneNote Pages via Calendar With OneNote Gem

OneNote Gem is a third-party app that boosts OneNote’s functionality. Just download the Gem Favorites for OneNote 2016 (click here to download the file).

Then click the NoteGemFavorites installation package in the ZIP file that appears and click Extract all. The text document in this same ZIP file tells you the password, which is usually the number 1.

create onenote calendar template

In the extracted files now on your computer, select the NoteGemFavorites file and install the software. When the setup is complete, you’ll see something that looks like this:

create onenote calendar template

Click OK. You’ll then be told you have to re-launch the Office program to apply the OneNote Gem features. Close you OneNote application and then re-open it.

Now you’ll see these new options:

create onenote calendar template

You can view your OneNote pages in a Calendar by going to Navigation and clicking Page Calendar. This will automatically create a calendar detailing all of the OneNote pages you created on specific dates.

create onenote calendar template

You can view those pages by clicking on the text within any date.

create onenote calendar template

This is unfortunately for Windows computers only, unless not using add-ins. The feature to insert a calendar is not an add-in. This application is free, but add-in prices vary.

5. Inserting a Calendar With Onetastic

Onetastic is a multi-purpose tool The 10 Best OneNote Macros You Should Try OneNote is an awesome productivity tool on its own, but you can take it to the next level using macros. We show you how to get started and the best macros available now. Read More that simplifies working with OneNote.

More specifically to this post, it offers a built-in tool called OneCalendar. You can rely on OneCalendar to create a OneNote page directory much like OneNote Gem did. However, I found this option much more user-friendly.

The only setting you need to specify is your language, which should be defaulted to English.

With OneCal open, you’ll be able to see a beautiful calendar detailing all the OneNote pages you created on each day. To go to a specific note, just click the text link in the calendar.

create onenote calendar template

As I mentioned earlier, OneCalendar is a component inside Onetastic. You can check out Onetastic pricing details and pick the version you prefer to unlock more OneNote features.

Download: OneCalendar for Onetastic for Microsoft OneNote | Windows (Free, $15 Pro version)

Will OneNote Become Your Go-To Calendar Creator?

Like most of us, you probably depend on calendars daily. Now you can keep up the habit without ever leaving your OneNote app and even turn your custom template into a printed calendar with Canva.

For doing even more, take a look at these ways that you can use OneNote with Trello for better productivity 6 Ways to Use Trello and OneNote Together for Better Productivity Want to a different way to organize your information? Try these unique ways to make Trello and Microsoft OneNote work together. Read More .

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  1. Eric DeHate
    November 15, 2017 at 5:12 pm

    I do wish Microsoft would incorporate onenote, Excel, word, PowerPoint and others into outlook. For example, if you created a check box and due dates, those could be synced into outlook. Also, if a feature could be added with the author of a Excel or word file, to include a due date (optional) which could sync with Outlook and can create calendar due date so it's easier to keep up with tasks.

    That's my two cents.