OneContact for iOS: Sort Out A Messy Contact List By Merging Duplicates

A messy contact list How To Sync Your Contacts Between Your Computer & Your iPad or iPhone Many of you will already know all about Apple’s iCloud, its wonderful sync features and the fact that it allows you to find your iDevice and access mail, your calendar and even documents from any... Read More isn’t just annoying to look at, it’s also inconvenient. You’d be forgiven for having a less-than-organised address book since our smartphones are now designed to send email, call people, connect using VoIP services, chat on Facebook and even tweet – that’s a lot of information, and if you’ve merged contact lists from several locations there’s a chance your iPhone’s address book is now messy and difficult to work with.

Sorting out the mess by hand is an arduous process, so instead why not use an app called OneContact that promises to do it for you.


The app is free, scans your address book (after being given permission by you, of course) and can then detect duplicate entries and similar contacts before merging them into the one contact and adding the correct fields for different sets of data. It’s not only clever, but fast – according to the developers the app can scan 3,000 contacts in 3 minutes, so if you’ve got considerably less than that expect the process to be a quick one.


Contact associations the app isn’t sure about go under the label of “fuzzy matches” and you can then trawl through these and tell OneContact whether it should merge or keep them separate. It doesn’t do an awful lot more than this, but then again it doesn’t need to!


  • Scans your contact list and using cutting-edge algorithms merges duplicates.
  • Allows you to see changes before they are made.
  • Fast, efficient and free!

Download: OneContact @ App Store

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