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One Simple Trick to Amplify Your Smartphone Volume In a Room

Akshata Shanbhag 19-11-2015

If you need to get better sound from your smartphone in a room that’s just a little too big, we have just the trick to make it happen.


All you have to do is grab any empty, clean, and dry paper cup lying around your house and put your smartphone in it. That’s the whole trick, and it greatly amplifies the sound from your device.

If you don’t have a cup, or if your phone is too big for one, then you can try using a bowl instead. Or a coffee mug. Or a glass tumbler. The bottom line is that you need any kind of container to channel the sound better (i.e., to prevent it from scattering in different directions).

Having said that, the size and material of the container as well as the position of the built-in speaker do have an impact on the sound output. Use a paper cup and aim the speaker at its base to get the best results. Also, check out our DIY smartphone speaker experiments Making Your Own Smartphone Speakers - MakeUseOf Tests The average smartphone speaker is an insult to an audiophile's ears. Poor quality, low volume, and a lack of bass can ruin the sound. Since those speakers are in-built, there isn't an easy way to... Read More to see how various makeshift options pan out.

You can even use it while making speakerphone calls.


Have you built speakers using cheap household items to improve the sound on your smartphone? Share that DIY setup with us in the comments!

Image Credit: Smartphone with music notes by Es sarawuth via Shutterstock

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