One Online Tool to Handle Five Tedious Tasks

Tina Sieber 04-07-2008

Just the other day Abhijeet wrote a very good post about 4 Quick Ways To Download YouTube Videos Off The Net The 5 Best Tools to Download Streaming Video From Any Website If you want to download videos from websites using online tools and programs, we've rounded up the best to get the job done quickly. Read More , Aibek has previously covered Top Online File Converters Top Online File Converters (Video, Audio, Images ...) Read More , and I showed you how to easily convert units in my Master the Google Master the Google Operands: Search Really Fast Read More article.

With youconvertit there is an online tool that can do all of the above and a little more.

1. Convert Files

The list of available file formats is extensive, covering the sections Audio, Documents, Images, Video, and Archive. However, once you select a file from your computer, the list will shrink down to show all formats your file can be converted into, which is a great help. You can convert up to 5 files at once, and you will receive an eMail containing the download link for each one. So this is why you need to share your eMail address, plus they want to track site usage by user, and send you updates about contests and Terms of Service. They promise not to share your eMail address with a third party. Well, you never know, so if in doubt, better be safe and use a secondary mail address that can afford to be spammed.

One Online Tool to Handle Five Tedious Tasks youconvert02

2. Download YouTube Videos

Simply paste the video URL into the respective field and download the file straight from the website, no eMail address required. To be able to watch the video on your computer, you need to rename the file from get_video to get_video.flv, since it comes without the file extension.

3. Convert YouTube Videos

In the same section you can also convert YouTube videos to audio or different video files. Your eMail address will be required.

One Online Tool to Handle Five Tedious Tasks youconvert03

4. Send Files

You can send up to 5 files with 1000MB each and they will be available for 7 days. You need to give at least one receiving eMail address. Under More options you can enter your own eMail address, a title and message for the recipient/s, but neither is required. For each file, one eMail with the download link will be sent. In case you gave your own eMail address, you will receive an eMail with the link as well.

5. Convert Units

The categories are comprehensive to say the least and I’m sure this section would be quite impressive – if only it worked. When testing the unit conversion for this article an error came up whenever I tried to convert anything. While the video download, file conversion and sharing worked wonderfully, although the eMails arrived with a little bit of delay, this section of the website was down over an extended period of time. Too bad. Nevertheless, I recommend trying it because in case it does work, I’m sure it can come in quite handy for painful conversions such as Faraday to Ampere hour. Does this one make sense at all?

Can you rival this one with a similar “do it all” online tool? Let’s hear!

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  1. Devicepedia
    October 31, 2008 at 2:44 am

    Never used it before but now i think i will, Thanks for the review

  2. Norwan Jee
    July 6, 2008 at 6:21 am

    Cool, best ever

  3. Brainiac
    July 5, 2008 at 4:38 am

    I have been using YouConvertIt for several months now, highly recommend it.

  4. Sanjay
    July 5, 2008 at 3:01 am

    Very useful application indeed. Thank you.