This One-Minute Quiz Finds Your Ideal Mobile Wallpaper
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One of Android’s big strengths is that you can make all kinds of customizations. If you don’t like the messaging app, browser, or email client that comes with your phone, you can swap it out for another without any hassle. However, if you’re not feeling creative or are new to Android, you might have trouble coming up with a unique look for your phone.

Google wants to help. The new #myAndroid Taste Test offers a quick quiz to help you find the perfect Android customization apps for you. Start the quiz, and you’ll receive several questions that you should answer with your first instinct. Each asks you to select which image you prefer from two or more, such as Vibrant or Muted? and Organized or Random? The quiz asks how proficient you are with Android, too.

After a few questions, you’ll see a few suggestions for your new Android look. You can shuffle between three choices that are all slightly different but fit the profile you provided. Scroll down, and the page will tell you which apps you should download for your wallpaper, icon pack, launcher, widgets, and keyboard.

If you’ve never used any of these apps before, give the recommended ones a try! Most alternative launchers offer so much more than what came with your phone. Just swapping out your icons and changing the wallpaper can make an older phone feel fresh. No matter if you’re a new or old Android user, you’ll find a great new look for your phone here.

Brand-new Android users should check out super-simple launchers if they just want the basics.

Which kind of customization did the Taste Test recommend for you? Share your favorite Android customization apps with us in the comments!

Image Credit: Esa Riutta via Shutterstock

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