OKITE:  An Alarm Clock Thats Sends An Embarrassing Tweet When You Hit The Snooze Button
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For some people, the snooze button on alarm clocks is a useful feature. But for most people the snooze button is just another way of ignoring the alarm clock completely. Sleepy people keep hitting the snooze button and fail to wake up when they should. Here to discourage you from using the snooze button is an alarm clock called OKITE.

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OKITE is a free to use iOS application. It is sized at 7.9MB and is compatible with the iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad running version 4.3 or later. The app is an alarm that strongly discourages you from using the snooze button by posting an embarrassing tweet to your Twitter account each time you hit snooze. The app lets you set alarm times easily.


But remember to wake up when the alarm rings as using the snooze button will roll out a random embarrassing tweet.

NOTE: the tweets are in Japanese so only users who have an understanding of basic Japanese will be able to make use of it.


Check out OKITE @ http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/okite/id457818344?l=ja&ls=1&mt=8 

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