7 Offbeat Ninja Games for the Casual Warrior

Sandy Writtenhouse 06-06-2017

Everyone wants to live the life of a ninja at one time or another. To satisfy that inner desire, you may play games where you move stealthily 4 of the Best Ninja Video Game Franchises Ever Made What is even more awesome than ninjas themselves? Taking control of a ninja and actually performing all of the incredible feats yourself in video game form, of course. Read More and master powerful talents to defeat your enemy. But even hard-working, down-to-business ninjas need a break now and then.


These lighthearted ninja mobile games give you a warrior’s power without the intensity. Sure, they may have unusual concepts and bizarre characters Ready to Get Weird? 7 Bizarre Mobile Games You'll Love Flinging birds and matching candies is a ton of fun. But if you're in the mood for something out of the ordinary, check out these bizarre mobile games for Android and iOS. Read More , but they are quite fun nonetheless.

1. Clumsy Ninja

If you believe that your ninja moves are beyond reproach, then put those skills to the test in Clumsy Ninja. This game challenges you to train a newbie ninja who is also in search of his missing friend. You will complete quests, travel to new spots, and unlock super ninja moves.

Clumsy Ninja has over 70 items that your ninja can interact with, such as a trampoline, magic potion, balloons, and a punching bag. Train him well, please the sensei, earn XP, collect coins, and you will level up. The game is entertaining, has wonderful graphics, and tests those ninja-teaching skills of yours.

Clumsy Ninja offers in-app purchases for coins and gems to help you train your ninja.

DownloadClumsy Ninja for Android | iOS (Free)


2. Ninja Fishing

Travel from the Tranquil Sea to Dinosaur Island to Food Paradise on a fishing adventure. Ninja Fishing is not your ordinary fishing game. But as a ninja, it shouldn’t be, right? From your boat, you cast your line and tilt your device to get the hook as deep into the water as possible while avoiding fish. Once a fish does grab your hook, tilt your device again to catch as many fish as you can as the line is reeled in.

Don’t worry, ninja moves are involved too. Those fish you caught will fly into the air and you must slash through them to earn gold for your catches. The game has over 140 fish species to collect, 90 rare treasures, and six unique islands to discover. Put on your mask and bait your hook for a fun ninja fishing challenge.

Ninja Fishing offers in-app purchases for gold and a drill to help your hook go deeper.

DownloadNinja Fishing for Android | iOS (Free)


3. Ninja Spinki Challenges!!

Ninja Spinki Challenges!! is an upbeat game with bouncy characters. It tasks you with moving through 30 different challenges to show off your ninja skills. You may need to use your speed and agility to avoid enemies. Or aim correctly to take them out with your shuriken.

ninja spinky ios

You have limited time to successfully win the challenges, so pay attention and be prepared to move quickly. In addition to the challenges, the game features an endless mode where you can hone your skills as you score. For some exciting cartoony ninja practice, check out Ninja Spinki Challenges!!.

Ninja Spinki Challenges!! is a free game without in-app purchases.


DownloadNinja Spinki Challenges!! for Android | iOS (Free)

4. Stupid Ninjas Free

If you are a fan of Stupid Zombies, then you’re in for a treat with Stupid Ninjas Free. While the characters may be different, the game concept remains the same. You must eliminate the ninjas to save the villagers by slashing through them. When you slash successfully, the other ninjas will be hit with the released shurikens.

Stupid Ninjas Free has 180 challenging levels, so plan your moves carefully because you only get one try. And you can shoot not only for a high score, but to capture three stars for a perfectly-executed move. Take a break from those brainless zombies and take on the senseless ninjas instead.

Stupid Ninjas Free offers in-app purchases Why You'll Never Stop Seeing Ads & IAPs in Mobile Apps Advertisements and in-app purchases in mobile apps and games can be really annoying. Unfortunately, they won't be going away any time soon. Here's why. Read More for hints and to unlock all levels.


DownloadStupid Ninjas for Android [No Longer Available] | iOS (Free)

5. Urban Ninja

Take your slick moves to the streets in Urban Ninja. You play as Francois, a chunky French secret agent ninja, in this challenging adventure. You can scale walls, climb buildings, and jump from roof to roof using your ninja talents.

To complete your missions, you must maneuver through the level while avoiding enemies and collecting stars. Your goal is to reach the helicopter’s rope which will reel you into safety and send you onto the next mission. Just make sure that you score high enough before reaching the helicopter or you must retry the level. If your ninja dreams include you being a chubby agent from France, then this is your game.

Urban Ninja offers in-app purchases for lifesaving packs, and to remove the ads on Android.

DownloadUrban Ninja for Android (Free) | iOS ($0.99)

6. Gentleman Ninja

Perhaps your desire is to become the politest ninja around. If so, then be kind as you defeat your enemies in Gentleman Ninja. In this game, you simply tap either the red or blue button to slash the same colored enemies in your path. The catch is that the ground is crumbling behind you. You must move quickly but correctly to continue.

gentleman ninja ios

If you progress through the game, you can unlock additional characters. Go from being a gentleman to a pirate to an astronaut by using your tapping skills successfully. For endless ninja action, grab your cup of tea and become a Gentleman Ninja.

Gentleman Ninja offers an in-app purchase to remove the ads.

7. Monkey Ninja

Why be an ordinary, run-of-the-mill ninja when you can be a Monkey Ninja? In this game from the creators of Urban Ninja, you master moves like the somersault and fly-kick. Your goal is to make it through each room safely using your swift moves and strategic planning.

You must also watch out for dangerous obstacles, like disappearing spikes, that require your special monkey ninja powers. Move through 100 challenges with three rooms in each and earn achievements along the way, such as Weapon Master and Banana Buffet. Put down the banana and prepare for a challenge in Monkey Ninja.

Monkey Ninja offers an in-app purchase on Android devices to remove the ads.

DownloadMonkey Ninja for Android (Free) | iOS ($0.99)

Are You Ready to Rock Your Inner Ninja?

If you are ready to summon your inner ninja with a lighter, more casual game, these are terrific options. They are upbeat and a little odd, but give you those ninja powers you seek in unique ways. Sharpen your shuriken, clean your ninja garb, and give one of these fun mobile games a go Get Your Dose of Strategy with 8 Great 4X Games for iOS Most of 4X strategy games are limited to powerful gaming PCs, but several great strategic games are available to play on your iPhone or iPad. So grab a couple of them and have fun! Read More .

Fellow ninjas, we want to hear from you! If you enjoy cheery and unique ninja games and play one on either your Android or iOS device, share it with us in the comments below!

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