Ofelio: RSS Feed Search Engine

Ofelio is a search engine that searches for topics across all kinds of RSS feeds. That means that unlike other search engines which crawl a webpage to find potential content, Ofelio will go through the RSS feed of that page to track topics.

Clicking on the options icon, which is located just beside the search button, will show options to show the results as a digest, and on a map. It also lets you quickly check operators like AND and OR for easy searching.

rss feed search engine

rss search engine

You can also submit a feed to Ofelio. The tool is in beta though, so don’t expect it to be perfect at the moment.


  • Search through RSS feeds.
  • See the results as text, digest or on a map.
  • Suggest RSS feeds to be included in the index.
  • Currently in beta.

Check out Ofelio @ www.ofelio.com

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