OCRConvert: Convert Image Text to Editable Text
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OCR technology lets you convert images into editable text documents. Thanks to OCR you can easily modify documents and correct their errors without having to retype the entire thing. OCRConvert is one online resource that lets you make use of OCR technology.

It is a basic OCR web tool that will help you convert text, including images, into simple text documents. Although the site claims to perform PDF-to-Word conversion flawlessly as well as Image-to-Word conversions, the best results are only obtained in Image-to-SimpleText conversions.

convert image text to text

You select an image file, choose the languages it is in, and then click on the “Process” button. Your image is processed quickly and the text it contains is displayed on a webpage. From here you can copy the text and paste it in whichever text editing program you use. The site supports images with texts in English, Spanish, Italian, German, and Dutch.

get text from images

OCRConvert: Convert Image Text to Editable Text convert ocr1

OCRConvert: Convert Image Text to Editable Text convert ocr2


Check out “OCR Covert” @ www.ocrconvert.com

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