OccupyTheURL: Witness URLs Getting Occupied Like Wall Street Was Occupied

Umar 01-11-2011

Many of you already know about Occupy Wall Street – an ongoing series of protests that are against the unequal distribution of wealth and are protesting the power that corporations have. The movement started from Wall Street, New York and quickly spread to various other cities worldwide. A dedicated online tool to the movement’s efforts is a website called Occupy the URL.



Occupy the URL is a free and fun tool to use that occupies any URL much like the protestors occupying Wall Street. All you have to do is provide the site with the URL of a valid webpage. The site then loads up the webpage, displays it, and starts showing the protest participants on the webpage along with each participant’s sign.

After covering the entire page with the protest messages, you are shown a final message of the “99%” slogan. The final message also includes support links to Facebook and Twitter accounts for the protests.

OccupyTheURL: Witness URLs Getting Occupied Like Wall Street Was Occupied 99


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Animates webpages getting occupied by protestors.
  • Protest pictures are taken from Occupied Wall Street events.
  • Supports the Occupied Wall Street movement.

Check out Occupy the URL @

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