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Nvidia Shield Units Updated With Gamepad Mapping, Android 4.3 And Console Mode

Dave LeClair 29-10-2013

Nvidia has finally brought the latest version of Android to its portable gaming tablet known as the Nvidia Shield. This update grants device owners access to “thousands more Android games originally designed for touch screens.” It also adds a new Console Mode, which allows users to beam the new games, as well as others in the library, to their TVs. The last, and arguably the biggest change, comes in the form a Gamepad Mapper, which allows users to map traditional touchscreen controls to the Shield’s built-in gamepad.


When we reviewed the Shield NVIDIA Shield Review And Giveaway Recently, we reviewed the Wikipad, which managed to make its way to market before NVIDIA's highly anticipated Shield. Ever since NVIDIA showcased the Shield at CES, I've found myself more and more fascinated by it. After... Read More , one of the biggest problems was the location of the touchscreen, which made playing traditional games from Google Play an unpleasant experience. Now, users can open the Gamepad Mapper and customize those controls to work with the physical buttons on the Shield. This expands the potential library for Shield owners by an exponential amount.

With the Console Mode, the Nvidia Shield essentially becomes an OUYA OUYA Review And Giveaway When the OUYA was first announced and funded on Kickstarter, the Internet was positively buzzing over the possibilities for this tiny Android-based console. Kickstarter backers began receiving their consoles months ago, and early reports were... Read More , allowing users to pair a Bluetooth gamepad to the Shield and then sit back on their couch playing their favorite games on a TV screen instead of the Shield’s small offering. Web-browsing, and the Shield’s PC game streaming is also supported, which goes a long way towards expanding the functionality offered by the device.

Nvidia is dropping the beta tag from its PC streaming feature, which means it should work much better than it has in the past. It now supports more than 50 titles, including new games like Batman: Arkham Orgins and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.

All in all, this is exactly the update Shield users have been crying out for. It all sounds great in theory, but time will tell how it all works out as more and more users upgrade. Speaking of which, if you have a Shield, hit the comments section below and let us know how this update has worked out for you!

Source: Nvidia


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  1. Joe
    October 30, 2013 at 5:23 pm

    I own a Nvidia Shield and consider it one of the best gaming devices I have ever owned, by far the best handheld. I owned a PS Vita for 4 months, got bored of it and sold it. I have had the Shield for 3 months and cant stop playing it.

    The new update is great with the button mapper. Between all my old school emulationa dn android games I can hardly decide what to play, it is funny when I hear people claim it has no games, it has more games than any video game system I have ever owned. For my next computer I plan to get one capable of streaming PC games and that will make it even more amazing. Even without streaming I live the Shield.

    I would have paid 500 for it, based on how much I use it.

  2. Elronza
    October 29, 2013 at 2:46 pm

    Hello I own an Nvidia Shield and for me it is the greatest console ever! I don't even play my PS3 or my PS Vita anymore since owning my Nvidia Shield and this latest update just kicked everything into over drive! I highly recomend the Nvidia Shield to everyone.

    • Dave L
      October 31, 2013 at 8:01 pm

      I definitely enjoyed it when I reviewed it. It had some flaws, but it's a solid device.