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Now They’re Serious: Pinterest Adds Support For Animated GIFs

Skye Hudson 24-01-2014

Pinterest has just announced that they will be rolling out animated GIF support to all users. Should Tumblr be worried?


You’ll be able to view GIFs on the Pinterest website simply by clicking on the play/pause button in the lower left corner of the image. Pinterest says that they will be rolling out support to mobile users soon. Tens of millions of GIFs already exist on Pinterest, and these will be retroactively animated, meaning that any GIF, old or now, now has the possibility to be animated.


With so many image-based social network-esque services out there, it’s hard to tell exactly who Pinterest’s competitors are and who is offering just a completely different service, but many speculate that this is a swipe at Tumblr, the image-heavy micro-blogging service What Is Tumblr? [MakeUseOf Explains] Tumblr can be a great community to express yourself and create a personalized feed of content that you love, so let's look a little deeper at what exactly it is. Read More that is famous for its animated GIFs. Although the need to play GIFs, instead of them auto-playing, is quite a departure from Tumblr’s style.

Are you new to the Pinterest scene? Check out our unofficial Pinterest guide The Unofficial Pinterest Guide This Pinterest guide will quickly show you how to use Pinterest and all of its features. This guide outlines everything there is to know about Pinterest. Read More , and let us know how you feel about this fresh take on social image sharing.

What do you think of Pinterest adding support for GIFs? Annoyance, or necessary? Should the GIFs auto-play? Let us know in the comments.


Source: Pinterest Blog | Image Credit: mkhmarketing via Flickr

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  1. Swetank R
    January 24, 2014 at 10:45 pm

    If it will be auto-playing i will be leaving pinterest soon!