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Novoresume Helps You Craft a Perfect Resume in No Time

Saikat Basu 10-12-2019

Did your last resume pass the six-second test? This well-cited eye-tracking study explains the importance of resume design.

You have six seconds to make your resume stand out. And this may need six days of work—either to fix the layout of your old resume or make a new one from scratch. A professional online resume builder can help you slash the time down to an hour or less.

Novoresume is the automatic, web-based resume builder you should try. It helps you create aesthetic resumes and cover letters that can convince any recruiter.

Plan a Professional Resume

Resume Templates on Novoresume

Novoresume holds your hand through the steps necessary to design a modern resume, CV, or cover letter. But first, you have to register on the site and choose from the two plans on offer.

The Basic plan is free. You can use it to go under the hood of the service and test the Premium features before you opt for one of the pricing tiers. You can play with the Premium features, but you won’t be able to download the final document in the Basic plan.

Today, we won’t be taking you through a step-by-step resume-designing tutorial.

Instead, let’s focus on the key differences between the Basic and Premium versions of Novoresume so that you can decide which one is better suited for your needs.

What Can You Do for Free on Novoresume?

A resume that’s only one page long is an exercise in restraint. But a typical resume acts as a summary of your key accomplishments. This brief snapshot is suitable for beginners, or someone with under five years of experience.

The Basic plan allows you to use single-page resume templates and download one finished resume for free. All resumes and cover page templates on the service are made by professional graphic designers based on recommendations from recruiters.

Fill in your content and download them as PDF files to maintain their uniformity across all devices.

The Basic plan has two key limitations:

  • You cannot move elements around and design your own layouts.
  • You cannot create a matching cover letter that goes with the resume.

What Can You Do With the Premium Version of Novoresume?

Novoresume Resume Builder

The Premium version of Novoresume and its customization options allow you to move away from cookie-cutter templates. Here are some key features:

Build CVs that are up to three pages long. A longer CV allows you to add specialized sections and also highlight special interests and causes you may have taken on.

Pick a template and customize the layout. You can not only pick templates (functional, creative, or simple) but also choose a one or a two-column layout. Choose the right layout that can carry your qualifications, experiences, projects, and interests. Customize it with a choice of colors, fonts, themes, and creative backgrounds. And you can drag and drop the different parts to create your own custom layouts.

Use “My Content” to store reusable data. All sections on the resume are editable. You can store 18 different versions of your data in My Content and bring them in to tailor your resume to each job you apply for.

Heed the content optimizer. The enhancement hints help you improve your resume and get over any designing issues you might have.

Pair it with a cover letter. For every resume template, Novoresume provides a cover letter template. To achieve a consistent application, use the same design for both.

Create resumes in different languages. You can create up to 18 different versions of your resume in each of the four language sets if you are applying to different companies across the globe.

A Better Resume With Novoresume

Novoresume builds your application for you. But use it well and you can grab a few tips on how to craft your own resume on any empty document. The site also features video tutorials and loads of excellent resume samples for ideas.

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