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The NOVI Smart Luggage Is Trackable, Self-Weighing, and Super Affordable

Dave LeClair 26-04-2019

When it comes to the internet of things, most of the devices we see are in the home. But one place where we don’t see as many connected devices is in the world of travel. There are connected suitcases, but they tend to cost more than a cross-world flight. The folks behind NOVI are setting out to change that with their reasonably-priced smart luggage that’s packed with features.


NOVI Aluminum Smart Luggage

Obviously, the main features of NOVI are focused around connectivity. It features GPS tracking, which means you’ll always know exactly where your bag is when you check it. And if you carry it on the flight, you’ll still be able to keep track of it once you arrive at your destination, which sounds quite useful. It promises very narrow tracking, so you’ll even be able to tell when your bag is about to roll off the carousel and into your waiting arms.

If you’re carrying your bag with you and happen to walk away from it, there’s a Bluetooth alarm that’ll let you know that you’re getting too far from your bag, which is not only convenient but also secure.

Another interesting feature that seems like it would come on a far more expensive bag is a TSA-approved fingerprint scanner that promises to keep your bag safe and secure. And if you have your phone handy, you can use it to unlock the bag as well via Bluetooth.

NOVI will have a removable 700mAh battery that’ll work 1000 times and live on standby for over 500 days.

One of the other critical features offered by NOVI is a built-in scale. If you’re flying out of somewhere that enforces carry-on weight limits, you’ll be able to know before you get to the airport whether you’re under the weight requirement.


For the non-connected features, there’s plenty of organizing inside the bag that should make packing comfortable. Additionally, the outside of the suitcase is made with aluminum alloy, so it should be lightweight and durable. The bag features four 360-degree wheels, a telescoping handle that raises and lowers to seven different levels, and it comes in two different sizes—a 20-inch carry-on called Citus and a 28-inch suitcase called Atlas.

NOVI Availability and Price

The creators of NOVI are seeking funding for their smart luggage on Kickstarter. The campaign just launched today, and it’s already 70% of the way to its funding goal. Early backers can get the Citus carry-on bag for $139 and the Atlas for $159. Once they’re officially released, the bags will sell for $359 and $399 respectively. The bags are scheduled to ship in August of 2019 assuming it meets all of its goals.

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  1. Roger McPhee
    December 2, 2019 at 3:13 am

    Appears nothing but a con. They have disappeared with the laterst comment on 2 October 2019. Don't trust them with your money!!

  2. Vikas
    April 28, 2019 at 5:27 pm

    Hello, Why are you misleading people?, isn't PayTM, GPAY in top 20 downloaded and used apps in India? you must changed give updated info to users otherwise you'll lose credibility.