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The ever-reliable pen and paper method is indispensable when you have to remember all the important things that you need to do. But sometimes, you may need to create special notepads that work perfectly well for your tasks. Botsko Notepad Generator is a simple web tool that helps you to do this by allowing you to customize a PDF notepads.

pdf notepad

To generate your customized PDF notepad, fill out the basic information about you and your project. Modify your notepad by changing your font and setting page adjustments. You can show lines in your notes, create an action box, use lighter shaded lines, and set the date format for your printed notepad. Then hit the Generate PDF button to create a print-ready notepad.

Botsko Notepad Generator is a great tool for creating a handy notepad that will fit your needs from scratch.


  • Allows you to customize a PDF notepad.
  • Helps you organize your notes from various meetings.
  • Create action boxes, change date format, adjust note lines, and more.
  • Can be printed out on standard 8 ½ x 11 paper.
  • Click Generate PDF for your print-ready notebook.
  • Similar tool: PDF Notes Generator.
  • For more printable stuff see print section.

Check out Notepad Generator @ botsko.net/Demos/notepad_generatorpdf notepad pdf notepad

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