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Not Using the Fallout 4 Mobile App? You’re Missing Out!

Dave LeClair 17-11-2015

Gamers around the world are rejoicing as Bethesda’s latest entry in the Fallout franchise Does Fallout Shelter Live Up to the Fallout Name? As the audience watched in surprise, Todd Howard showed footage of a mobile game set in the Fallout universe, Fallout Shelter. But is the game actually any good? Let's find out! Read More is officially here! And with Fallout 4 Fallout 4 Is Almost Here: Start Planning Your Character Now! Can't wait for Fallout 4? Here's how to start planning your character's stats ahead of time. Read More , a mobile app has come along too.


While companion apps with games How These 4 Companion Apps Change The Game Want more out of your favorite games? With these titles, downloading the smartphone companion applications will make your experience even better. Read More are nothing new, most of them are just there to provide some basic functionality and keep your mind on the game when you’re not actually playing. But not Fallout 4’s Pip-Boy app! This one is actually useful while playing the game.

Get it now on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. It’ll make the gameplay much more enjoyable in several ways, but here are two killer reasons why you’ll love it.

You Can Heal Much Faster

When you have the app open on the Status tab, you’ll see the buttons for Stimpack and Rad-Away on the bottom left. This means that, even when you’re in the heat of battle, you can quickly tap the button for healing without having to pop open the in-game Pip-Boy.


It makes for a more efficient killing experience so you can continue to blow apart those pesky raiders and ghouls without ever losing your flow! Not only that, but Fallout 4 is pretty hard, so getting quick access to healing can be the difference between life and death in the moment.


You’ll Never Get Lost Again

When it comes to playing massive RPGs like Fallout, I always find myself bringing up the map to make sure I’m going in the right direction. Nobody likes wasting time by running the wrong way!


The problem is, you can’t move while looking at the map in Fallout 4. However, if you leave the Pip-Boy app open on the Map tab, you can see the World Map or Local Map at all times, so you won’t have to pause the game to bring up the map ever again!

Are you going to download the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy app while you play through the game, or do you prefer the in-game Pip-Boy? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Anonymous
    November 17, 2015 at 1:51 pm

    And best of all, your phone will be nice and warm to keep you toasty in your cold, dark basement.

  2. Vferg
    November 17, 2015 at 1:29 pm

    Thanks for the tips. I agree its nice to have a few additional options to do things in game. I tried it out last week for a min and didn't any use for it but I really like the map option to leave it open at all times. As for the stimpacks, I honestly didn't know you could do that but I still find it easier to have 1 row on my d-pad dedicated to healing options with stimpacks being first in line so all you do is hit up once and your healed even in battle. Despite not seeing the healing options I do wish they added a bit more functionality still like being able to drop items or change armor. I also wish they kinda made a better comparing system but that's a whole different story! Thanks again.