Not Every Pinner Is A Winner: Making Fun Of Pinterest

Dave Parrack 20-03-2013

why pinterest is badPinterest is, for the uninitiated among you, a social network which revolves around images, with users pinning pictures of anything and everything in vast collections. It’s an intriguing idea which seems to resonate mostly with women, hence Pinterest grew quickly and gained a lot of female users through the course of 2012.


Several MakeUseOf writers are big fans of the site, especially Nancy, who has previously written about unique and innovative uses for Pinterest 4 Unique and Innovative Uses for Pinterest Social networking site Pinterest can be pretty addictive, with good reason, but it can also be an incredibly useful site. While we know it's easy to waste many an hour on Pinterest, being less than... Read More and suggested which users we should all be following on Pinterest Geek it Out On Pinterest: 10 Users You Should Follow It's no secret we're big fans of Pinterest here at MakeUseOf. The virtual pinning board of the Internet has helped us while away many an hour, getting lost in the many photos, ideas and posts... Read More . We’ve also featured a guide on how to use Pinterest The Unofficial Pinterest Guide This Pinterest guide will quickly show you how to use Pinterest and all of its features. This guide outlines everything there is to know about Pinterest. Read More written by Maggie Marystone, and MakeUseOf even maintains a presence on Pinterest.

However, while Pinterest has a lot of fans and a lot of great content, it also has numerous detractors and some highly questionable content. What follows are 7 funny websites which exist to mock or otherwise glean entertainment value from the crappier side of Pinterest.

WTF, Pinterest

why pinterest is bad

WTF, Pinterest is a blog that gently mocks some of the things that people post to Pinterest. Things that make normal people say, “WTF,” but which someone, somewhere thought was worthy of sharing with the rest of the InterWebs.

This isn’t an endless stream of images augmented by nothing more than a one-line riposte (though sites that do that well can be brilliant). Instead, we get compilations based on themes and discussions over the merits of certain trends that appear on Pinterest. In other words, WTF, Pinterest brings the funny, but does so with more than a modicum of intelligence.

Pinterest, You Are Drunk

why pinterest is stupid

Pinterest, You Are Drunk is an aptly titled Tumblr which seeks to find and share some of the more bizarre items posted to Pinterest. Items such as the Hands-Free Sandwich Holder, which is about as niche a product as you’re ever likely to see.

What’s particularly funny about this site is the way it cuts down world-be designers and modern artists who seem to think that originality is everything. It’s clearly not, especially if the item’s only plus point is its originality. There may be a reason no one created it before you had the insight to do so.


why pinterest is stupid

Pinbeciles is not only the name of this blog but also the name of people who pin images of truly terrible things to Pinterest. Not terrible as in horrific, NSFW things, but terrible of the, “What on earth were they thinking?!” variety.

The posts are always succinct, with a single photo and a short, pithy comment related to it. The sort of posts to expect are stripper shoes for babies, and Fritos covered in caramel and chocolate. Thus proving that while Pinterest allows people to show off what excites them, it doesn’t guarantee good taste.

Sh*t People Pin

why pinterest is stupid

Sh*t People Pin is a great name for this site thanks to its dual meanings. Is it referring to the sh*t that people pin on Pinterest or the sh*t people who pin on Pinterest? Judging by the content seen here it’s both.

As well as sharing the worst images posted to Pinterest, Sh*t People Pin also shares some of the worst comments made. Some of the insights posted to Pinterest are as well thought out as those posted to YouTube, commonly regarded as being the home of the stupidest commenters.


why pinterest is dumb

Pintester does exactly what you’d expect it to: detailing one woman’s attempts at following Pinterest posters’ simple advice on how to make stuff. Cue lots of failed dinners, arts and crafts items, and life hacks.

Sonja Foust is the woman behind Pintester, and she tests pins so that you don’t have to. Unfortunately her success rate is rather low, but then it’s the fact that she messes most tests up that make the blog so entertaining. The potty language only helps make this site a great read. Or perhaps I’m just really immature.


why pinterest is dumb

Pinstrosity sits comfortably alongside Pintester, as it also features attempts at recreating pins, often with shockingly poor results. Marquette and Emilee are the two women who continually set themselves up to fail… God bless ’em.

Some of the projects the two writers take on are huge and liable to go wrong, but even the simple ones often turn out to be deceptively difficult. This goes to show that while Pinterest may be home to practical advice, the end result of the advice always depends upon the person undertaking the project.

Really Pinterest?

why pinterest is bad

Really Pinterest is a hilarious site to close with, despite the name being in need of some added punctuation. This entry is updated numerous times a day with an eclectic mix of photos that really show how varied and unpredictable the content on Pinterest has become.

This site could easily slot into our previously published list of websites full of funny photos Look At That Photograph: 7 Websites Full Of Funny Photos There are quite a few of us here at MakeUseOf who are very keen on photography. I count myself as one of those people, though I do it purely for fun. I'm not even that... Read More , as that is the bread and butter on display at Really Pinterest. Most posts will make you laugh out loud, and many will make you wonder why someone thought this was worthy of pinning in the first place.


This is a good mix of websites either openly mocking the type of things people are putting on Pinterest or having fun with the concept. However, there are bound to be more of the same out there, which is where you come in. If you know of another website similar to those featured in the list above then please link to it in the comments section below.

You can also use the opportunity to talk about Pinterest. Do you have a Pinterest account? If so, do you actively use it or did you sign up merely to see what the fuss was about? If you are an active user, what kinds of images do you pin to your boards? Feel free to let us know your thoughts.

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  1. Suzi Love
    March 20, 2013 at 10:57 pm

    Can't wait to check out these funny sites. Thanks.

    I love Pinterest! But I'm an historical images addict so it's a fantastic place to collect my own favorites and to find others. Boards are such easy and visually awe-inspiring research folders.

    • Dave Parrack
      March 24, 2013 at 6:48 pm

      I'm glad that as a Pinterest lover you took the slight mocking in the right way. Enjoy!