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No Sign-up Required — Create Free Invoices Quickly

Aaron Couch 14-01-2015

So you want to create an invoice. Simple, right? Not so much. If you are a freelancer, you may already know how difficult it can be to find decent, let alone customizable, invoice templates 10 Simple Invoice Templates Every Freelancer Should Use Invoices can be a nuisance, but they don't have to be. Here are some of the best invoice templates you can download. Read More on the web. Aside from searching and sifting through copious amounts of results on Google for a free invoice website, you have to try many of them out, only to find most of them are free trials, like the one that Freshbooks tricked me with.


Upon researching this idea for the best way to quickly create free invoices online, I discovered 22 different websites. I narrowed the list down to 4 with the following criteria:

  • No “free” trial.
  • No signup required.
  • Available as a web template. 
  • Intuitive interface.

In addition, all websites featured in this article allow all text fields to be edited, including titles (except Paydirt), and have options for printing and/or downloading the PDF.

There are some great free invoice managers on the web, such as Invoiceable, an ideal invoicing solution for small businesses Make, Send, & Track Invoices Quickly & Easily with Invoicely Invoicely helps you through the entire invoicing process from start to finish. Read More . However, the keyword in this article is quick. You don’t want to hassle with inputting information, verifying your account and email, etc. You just want to create an invoice, which is what these 4 highly-recommended websites let you do perfectly.

In this article, we’ll go over a comprehensive, but brief overview of each website, rating it and its invoice, on professional look, ease of use, features, data saving, and user interface.

Invoiced Lite

1.1 invoiced-lite-interface


The Invoiced Lite template has everything you need and would expect, including adjustable currency and tax rates. I really liked the ability to incorporate shipping costs and apply discounts to the order too – something I couldn’t find anywhere else.

Invoiced Lite supports uploading your company logo – a huge bonus to professionalism. In addition, the “To” and “From” text fields are large boxes, allowing you to copy and paste the company and client’s info, instead of filling out each line individually. You can save the template and automatically create a new invoice with the click of a button. Saving the template allows you to keep your info and logo in the next invoice. The ability to email the invoice without registering or creating an account is also a huge plus.

When you click the “Download” or “Send Invoice” buttons, the Invoice is saved in your browser’s local storage (cache) Everything You Need to Know About the Browser Cache [MakeUseOf Explains] Whenever you have an issue with a website, one of the first suggestions you will hear from IT support is "try to clear your browser cache" along with "and delete your cookies". So what is... Read More . Saved invoices can be accessed by clicking “My Invoices” in the top black bar next to the “Invoiced Lite” logo. This is a great feature should you ever have to make a change to the invoice before or after sending it to the client.

1.2 invoiced-lite-saved-invoices


Invoiced Lite lacks a text field to address the client with a note prior to them reading the invoice. It would also be nice to have a dedicated “Print” button. Lastly, having to click “Download” or “Send Invoice” adds an unneeded step to the saving process. An autosave feature or even a “Save” button, would make the process more fluid.


  • Your company logo
  • Apply currency, tax, shipping & discounts
  • Email invoice
  • Copy & paste friendly
  • Clean interface
  • No “Invoiced Lite” logo or name stamp
  • Save multiple invoices & access later


  • No “letter-to-client” box
  • No “Print” or “Save” buttons
  • Doesn’t autosave

1.3 invoiced-lite-invoice


In regards to Invoiced’s customer service, I had a very good experience when letting them know that the “invoice saving” feature wasn’t working. They fixed it very quickly and informed me of the change. They were also interested in my feedback as to how they could improve the user experience.

Invoice At Once

2.1 invoice-at-once-interface

If you want to spruce up your invoice with a logo, custom font and colors, Invoice At Once is what you need. And don’t worry if you accidentally close the tab – the same invoice will be waiting for you when you come back. A dedicated “Clear Template” button wipes everything clean, including your company information (unfortunately). You can change the currency, upload a logo and even email the invoice on the same page.

2.2 invoice-at-once-email-invoice


Invoice At Once lacks a few features that I prefer: a text field before the invoice to address the client, a print button, and company and client information fields that are copy and paste friendly, i.e. not individual boxes for each unit of information (e.g. name, address, phone).


  • Custom font & colors
  • Add Logo
  • No branding or logo on actual invoice
  • Autosaves invoice
  • Stylish interface
  • Email invoice


  • Not copy & paste friendly
  • No “Print” button
  • No “Letter-to-client” box

2.3 invoice-at-once-invoice


3.1 billable-interface

Billable is a streamlined invoice-creating website and its lack of features is almost a feature in itself. Where some websites in this article have a creative design and a lot of features, Billable maintains a clean, simple interface, without lacking any of the necessary functions such as large text boxes for copy and paste ease, and dedicated Print, Download and Save buttons. Yes, even this feature-sparse website has the ability to save the latest invoice in your browser’s cache. The text boxes for your and your client’s information are also easy to paste into without repetitive tabbing and typing of each line.


  • Removable “Billable stamp” (bottom right corner)
  • Save last invoice in browser cache
  • Dedicated Print/Download
  • Copy & paste friendly


  • No logo upload option
  • Bottom text fields hard to find
  • No “letter-to-client” box

3.2 billable-invoice

4.1 invoicetome-interface is another basic invoice creator, with very few, but useful features. It autosaves to your browser’s local storage, so if you close the tab or browser while you’re in the middle of creating the invoice, you don’t lose everything. The “letter-to-client” text box above the invoice entries is where you can write a quick note to the client. Text boxes below the invoice entries are useful for payment terms and any additional notes.

The company and client information text boxes, however, require line-by-line text entry, preventing you from quickly copy and pasting the information.


  • “Letter-to-client” box
  • Autosave
  • Export to PDF
  • No logo on the invoice


  • Not copy & paste friendly
  • No “Print” button
  • No logo upload option

4.2 invoicetome-invoice

Three Bonus Options

I didn’t want to withhold these three options just because my personal tastes and preferences didn’t line up. Overall, these are still excellent websites. They just didn’t stack up in comparison to the previous four mentioned.

Paydirt Invoice Creator

5 paydirt-interface


  • “Letter-to-client” section
  • No Paydirt logo
  • Adjustable language/currency


  • No company logo option
  • No Saving (account needed)
  • No emailing (account needed)
  • Not copy & paste friendly
  • Title fields not editable

VeryPDF Invoice

6 veryPDF-interface


  • Email Invoice
  • Autosave
  • “Letter-to-client” section
  • No “VeryPDF” logo or name stamp


  • Dated interface
  • Not copy & paste friendly

Zoho Invoice Generator

7 zoho-interface


  • Clean interface
  • “Letter-to-client” section


  • No Saving
  • No Download button
  • Zoho name stamp & logo at top and bottom of the invoice

Which Invoice Is For You?

We all have our own personal preferences. In my experience using these different invoice websites, I am partial to Invoiced Lite. For a free tool, it had an impressive amount of features. And when dealing with the customer service on an issue, they were very prompt to respond and fix it. It’s what I would recommend to a freelancer or small business owner How Apps Can Help Any Freelancer or Small Business Owner Be Productive There are so many app for Android and iOS that can improve your productivity as a freelancer or small business owner; let's find the best of them. Read More .

If you’re the creative type, you’ll like Invoice At Once. From the interface to the ability to customize the invoice itself, it’s a winner.

Sometimes too many features we don’t need can only make us dislike a website or service. This is why I feel Billable and are excellent options. They are very capable, while keeping a clean and simple interface.

As I shared in the introduction, there are tons of invoice websites out there. Is there a website you use and recommend? Let’s hear about it!

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  1. Anonymous
    October 26, 2015 at 7:59 pm

    Thanks for the review, Aaron! We recently updated Invoiced Lite ( with autosave, a new invoice template, and a better invoice editor. Invoiced Lite is still free and unlimited with no signup required.

  2. Phids
    March 4, 2015 at 9:14 pm

    @Aaron - thanks. I actually started using Wave after I saw the other comment about it. Pretty nice service and they allow you to accept credit cards (there is a small % charge). Otherwise, it's free if you go the non-credit card route. I have already sent an invoice and gotten paid using Wave, and I will use it again in the future.

    • Aaron Couch
      March 4, 2015 at 9:32 pm

      Very cool! Glad you found something that works for you.

  3. Jessica C
    January 15, 2015 at 9:39 am

    Invoice by Wave is great for it's Paypal integration.

    Signup required though.

  4. Phids
    January 14, 2015 at 4:18 pm

    Thanks - this list may come in handy. It seems, though, like these all fail in one way or another. Is there a paid invoice creator that scores 100% for you? Like you, I used Freshbooks for the free trial, but I wouldn't want to pay to use the service when I can get it done in some fashion for free.

    • Aaron Couch
      March 4, 2015 at 8:56 pm

      Sorry I missed your comment! Are you looking to manage invoices too? Do you mind signing up for a service? There are also several free invoice services that you have to sign up for, such as Wave, which Jessica mentioned in the comment below.

      I'm currently working on a follow-up piece to this featuring free invoice creation and managing services. I'll let you know when it goes live if that is something you are more interested in. The ones mentioned here were strictly for creating invoices for free without signing up.