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No More LOLs, Privacy Badger Eats Cookies… [Tech News Digest]

Dave Parrack 10-08-2015

LOL is so old hat, Privacy Badger fights back, This Is My Jam archived, proof that typewriters suck, Yahoo advertises once more, and Tesla develops kinky robot charger.


LOL Loses Out to Haha

If you still use LOL in written forms of communication to signify you have made a funny, then you belong to a very small minority of people. That’s because these days most people (51.4%) use “haha,”hahahaha,” or “haahhaa”. Even “hehe” is more popular than LOL, as it’s favored by 13.1% of posters.

This is at least according to Facebook, which, in its infinite wisdom, decided to conduct some research into “The Not-So-Universal Language of Laughter“. It’s no surprise to learn that the laughing emoji What Does This Emoji Mean? Emoji Face Meanings Explained Confused by the emojis in that text message you just got? Here are the commonly accepted meanings of popular emojis. Read More came second to “haha” and its variants (with 33.7%), but the relative unpopularity of LOL IS a surprising insight.

According to Facebook, just 1.9% of the people who either made or reacted to a funny on the social networking site over the course of one week in May used LOL. I must admit I still use LOL, as it was the stock response in the early days of the Web. But then just as real languages evolve over time, it seems the language of the Internet is also evolving Tech Jargon: Learn 10 New Words Recently Added To The Dictionary [Weird & Wonderful Web] Technology is the source for many new words. If you are a geek and a word lover, you will love these ten that were added to the online version of the Oxford English Dictionary. Read More . ROFLMFAO.

The EFF Releases Privacy Badger

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has released a new browser extension/add-on which promises to prevent you from being tracked across the Web. The tool is comically named Privacy Badger, but its raison d’être is no joke.

Privacy Badger “blocks some of the sneakiest trackers that try to spy on your Web browsing habits”. Working silently in the background, it blocks trackers following you around the Web without your permission. This should stop your browsing history being shared with third-parties How to Block Online Tracking with Privacy Badger Privacy Badger's aim is to be a silent protector for regular users, working in the background, guarding your information from being sent to advertisers and malicious third parties. But does it fulfill this aim? Read More , which should in turn stop you being bombarded with targeted advertising.


Privacy Badger, which has been in testing for over a year, is now available to all. It’s currently compatible with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, with the EFF promising to add more browsers to the list soon.

This Is My Jam No More

This Is My Jam is shutting down, but unlike so many other online entities, its creators are doing all they can to keep the legion of users happy. The song-sharing service will soon be no more, at least “in its current form”. However, the site is being archived to allow people to continue accessing all the songs that have been shared over the years.

When it launched in 2011, This Is My Jam was an essential tool Give Your Ears A Treat: 5 Alternative Ways To Discover New Music Online As we mature (or to put it more bluntly, grow old) our tastes in many things change. The movies that we loved as teenagers will no longer appeal, the food we turned our noses up... Read More , allowing you to quickly and easily share your favorite song of the moment with friends and strangers. However, with the increasing popularity of music streaming services, this is no longer the killer feature it once was. You can still post until September, so why not give the site a try before it goes read-only.


A Reminder That Typewriters Suck

Typewriters Tom Hanks & Typewriters: What's The Key To Hanx Writer's Success? Tom Hanks' new free iPad app Hanx Writer attempts to bring this feeling typewriting to the mobile world, but why should you care? Read More were once the most efficient method we had for writing formal documents. But now, thanks to word processors, they’re no longer necessary. Not only that, but typewriters suck. At least compared to what we’re now all used to. As Engadget recently discovered.

OverType is an online typewriter simulator that demonstrates just how annoying typewriters are to use. As made by Ben Wheeler, OverType simulates the annoying aspects of typewriters, with keys jamming and letters skipping. And worst of all? You can’t simply click the delete key to erase all of your mistakes.

Yahoo Reclaims Famous Billboard Ad

Yahoo has reclaimed the iconic billboard in San Francisco it dumped in 2011. For 12 years, from 1999 to 2011, Yahoo advertised on this one billboard above Interstate 80, and it became something of a landmark for local residents and tourists alike. However, in the midst of its cost-cutting efforts, Yahoo fled the scene.

Now, as noted by VentureBeat, it’s back, retaking its rightful place on that billboard. No one knows how long Yahoo will keep paying for the space, but this is just the start of an extensive advertising campaign to remind people it’s still relevant.


Tesla’s Robot Charger Gets It On

And finally, while you have probably already seen the video of Tesla’s new robot charger prototype Tesla to Release Autonomous Car Features This Summer Tesla owners may get a peek at self-driving features sooner than expected. Tesla has its own autonomous car program, and they want to push some of their software to end users this summer. Read More in action, you may not have seen this glorious remix. It only does one thing — add Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” over the top — but it changes an innocent video into something rather seedier.

This could be considered NSFW, but then it’s only showing a robot charger plugging itself into a car. If you’re old enough to understand what is being alluded to, then you’re surely mature enough to explain to your boss what’s actually happening. [H/T Geekologie]

Your Views on Today’s Tech News

How do you express amusement in written communications? Will you be installing Privacy Badger? Are you sorry to see This Is My Jam being archived? Do you love or hate old typewriters? Is Yahoo still relevant?

Let us know your thoughts on the Tech News of the day by posting to the comments section below. Because a healthy discussion is always welcome.


Image Credits: Chris Schrier via Flickr

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  1. Anonymous
    August 11, 2015 at 3:33 pm

    I wondered what all the hoopla was over Privacy Badger all of a sudden because I've been using it on all my computers for well over a year...then I remembered that it was in Beta all that time. Isn't everyone supposed to be doing what I'm doing???
    All jokes aside, it's been a wonderful thing for me, and it's earned a permanent number one spot on my add-ons display, top right, in Chrome and ChromeOS.

  2. Anonymous
    August 10, 2015 at 1:12 pm

    "LOL Loses Out to Haha "
    If 500 million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing - Anatole France.

    "A Reminder That Typewriters Suck"
    Like DUH!!! That's like saying that in the Age of Typewriters "writing in the dirt with a sharpened stick sucks." Technology moves on.

    I'd rather use a clunky old typewriter than the miniscule keys on microscopic keys on miniscule keyboards available on smartphones and tablets. Applications such as Dragon Naturally Speaking obsolete all kinds of keyboards.