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No Man’s Sky Is Getting a Game-Changing Update

Dave Parrack 25-11-2016

No Man’s Sky is getting a new update. And about time too. This is the video game that over-promised and under-delivered, leading to complaints from gamers who felt they had been sold a pup. Could The Foundation Update make No Man’s Sky worthy of a second look?


Hello Games, the developer of No Man’s Sky, has broken its own silence to announce what it calls The Foundation Update. This is because it a) adds “the foundations of base building,” and b) puts “in place a foundation for things to come”.

The ability to build and maintain bases was one of the many features promised in the game which then failed to materialize. So it’s a good thing that such an essential element of a game focused on exploration is about to arrive. However, it could be too little, too late.

Details are, at the time of writing, very thin on the ground. This could be an attempt to under-promise and over-deliver, but we won’t really know until the update arrives. In the meantime we’ll offer No Man’s Sky: the story so far…

What’s All the Fuss About No Man’s Sky?

No Man’s Sky was massively overhyped over the course of its 5-year development. When it was eventually released earlier this year it underwhelmed the majority of those who played it. So much so that people started asking for refunds, and the rest just stopped playing.


Here is a game full of big ideas but lacking any real excitement or variety. And while there is an ending of sorts, most people who reach it are left feeling cheated. The main problem with No Man’s Sky is it offers a vast universe to traverse, with no reason to traverse it.

Judging by how many pre-owned copies of No Man’s Sky now in stores, it appears most people gave up on the game a long time ago. And while they may be tempted to buy it back, Hello Games will have to pull off something incredible to make such redemption possible.

Did you buy No Man’s Sky? If so, what did you think of it? Did you buy into the hype only to be left disappointed? Or did you actually enjoy it for what it is? What changes would you like to see Hello Games make to No Man’s Sky? Please let us know in the comments below!

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  1. ehhelldane
    November 28, 2016 at 6:51 am

    Bought it. Actually pre-bought it, based off demos and descriptions. I'd been waiting for the game it was said to be. I was left very disappointed.

    I played it heavy for a week, cause why not, I had the time when it came out. But if it werent for mods I woulda bailed after that.... I think I played for about 100 hours, all in,... Then I dropped it like a rock. I'd maxed everything but a single upgrade, I'd explored enough planets to get bored, and I had teleported around the verse via a mod: there wasn't anything else interesting to do anymore.

    With this update, I'll prolly hop back in in a couple weeks. Xmas season is slow season for me at work.

    But even if the game is pretty awesome now, playing it will likely always bring back the feelings of betrayal that I was left with after being severely overcharged for a demo; which had so many issues it prolly should have been free to play.