A Quick Fix for Nintendo Switch’s Unable to Connect to the Internet Issue
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Like any new product, the Nintendo Switch has launched with a few issues. Some owners have complained of the dock scratching their screens, while others have run into frame rate issues. But recently, a new error cropped up that prevents you from getting online.

If you’ve run into a message telling you that your Switch can’t connect to the internet because of a DNS error, it’s not actually a problem with your connection. For some reason, systems around the world have been encountering this issue, but it’s actually a simple fix.

You just need to reboot your Switch to fix this internet connection issue. Pressing the Power button on the top of the system or hitting the power icon on the home menu won’t do it, though. That puts the system into sleep mode, letting you instantly pick up where you left off next time.

To properly shut down the console, hold down the power button for a few seconds until you see the power menu. Choose Power Options. Here, you can choose to restart the system or power it off.

Once you’ve rebooted, you’ll be all set to jump back online. Only a few of the games available right now have online play, and Zelda isn’t one of them. So thankfully, this isn’t a huge problem at the moment. Hopefully it didn’t prevent you from trying the Splatoon 2 beta during the past weekend, though.

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Has your Switch been affected by this issue? Let us know what you think of the system so far in the comments!

Image Credit: Kyli Petersen via Shutterstock, SimpleIcon via Wikimedia Commons

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