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Nintendo Set to Release Two New Switch Consoles, per Report

Dave LeClair 25-03-2019

A new rumor is circulating the internet that Nintendo is planning to release not only one, but two new Nintendo Switch consoles.


This makes sense based on the way Nintendo typically does its console cycles, as the company tends to issue upgraded versions of its devices with new features while still remaining on the same core platform (GameBoy Advance to GameBoy Advance SP to GameBoy Micro, for example).

The New Nintendo Switch Models

According to the report from WSJ, there will be two different models of the Switch released. One will be cheaper than the current model and targeted at gamers who are looking for an entry-level gaming experience. The other will offer more features and be considered a premium console targeted at hardcore gamers who are looking for all the bells and whistles.

Starting with the high-end console, the report says that it will have features targeted at “avid videogamers.” However, the report also indicated that the new high-end Switch wouldn’t be as powerful as an Xbox One or PlayStation 4, which makes sense if it is to remain on the same platform as the original Switch.

As for the cheaper model, it appears that Nintendo will strip some features in an effort to get the price down. The report specifically mentions vibration as something that could be removed. That’s interesting because there are games for the switch that rely on Nintendo’s HD Rumble. That could raise some compatibility issues if Nintendo chooses to remove it. At the same time, the higher-fidelity offered by that type of rumble does seem like it would add more to the console’s cost than traditional vibration.


When Will We Hear More?

The current speculation is that Nintendo will announce both consoles at E3, which takes place in early June E3 2017: Super Mario Odyssey Steals the Show Nintendo has used E3 2017 to show off Super Mario Odyssey in all its fantastically weird glory. We have a trailer, we have a release date, and we have more details about the game itself. Read More . The company is also rumored to release both new models before the end of the year. That would make sense, as Nintendo would probably like to have them available in time for the holiday shopping rush.

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