Nine New Features Added to the Google Keyword Planner Tool

Ryan Dube 26-04-2014

The Google Keyword Planner Tool has always been one of the leading resources for web publishers and advertisers to research search engine query activity on the Internet, but now Google has added nine more features to the popular service.


On Thursday, April 24th, Google rolled out nine new features to Keyword Planner, providing users with much more in depth information about search queries. Those new details include things like query changes over time, mobile device trends, enhanced location data and better visualizations.

The new features are intended to give potential Adsense advertisers more insight into popular keyword queries online, but that same information also provides web publishers with information about what people are searching for on the Internet.

New Features Added to Keyword Planner

When users log into the Keyword Planner tool this week and click on the link to “Search for new keyword and group ideas”, they will immediately see that the tool is much more visual and includes more features.  The main keywords results page now features a large timeline bar chart showing the search volumes for the selected keywords over several months.

Clicking the “search volume trends” dropdown reveals other new features added by Google on Thursday, including device trends and location data.



Mobile trends compare mobile search trends (in green) against overall search volume (in blue), which could identify some popular keywords Not Just SEO: 4 Creative Ways to Use Keywords as a Secret Weapon Keywords still remain the lifeblood of Internet search -- and it flows into other areas of the Internet where you want people to find you, like your LinkedIn profile, sell things, or land your next... Read More specifically for mobile users.

Other new features added to the Keyword Planner Tool Key Differences Between Google Adwords Tool And The Keyword Planner The key differences between Google Adwords Keyword Tool and Keyword Planner includes a more organized workflow for researching adwords and keywords, a clearer presentation of data, quick access to some nice historical graphs, and the... Read More on Thursday include:

  • Geographic visualizations that show query volumes by location
  • Targeted (local) location query information
  • Device specific breakdown of search volume estimates
  • Time period adjustments are more flexible – allowing monthly, quarterly or annual results
  • Time periods comparisons, including total change in volume from start to end dates
  • Projected future volume estimates

The new tools not only enhance the display of existing Google Keyword Planner data, but they now provide both advertisers and publishers with the ability to focus keyword research on specific devices, locations, or even future time periods. Much of this information was available in the previous version of the Keyword Planner, but it required more digging and at times some calculations. The new tools do all of the work and provide the results in visualizations.

You can access the new tool in your AdWords account, and selecting to search for new keyword and ad group ideas.

Source: Keyword Planner via Search Engine Land

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