6 New Years Resolutions to Help You Become More Creative in 2017

Sandy Writtenhouse 05-12-2016

Some view being creative as having a talent such as creating music, art, or literature. Others believe that creativity means you can come up with fresh, innovative ideas. Still others think that being creative implies that you think of unique ways of doing things, like solving problems. Which one is correct? All of them, of course.


With the start of another new year Do People Actually Stick To Their New Year's Resolutions? How often do people just give up a few months in (or even less in some cases)? Read More , think about becoming more creative in any or all of these ways. Then, take a look at these resolutions that can help you get there. You may just be surprised. Are you ready to say “I will…”?

1. I Will Learn Something New

Continued learning broadens our minds and it does not stop when we complete college. Maybe you have always had an interest in film-making, photography, or history. Why not take your interest further by learning more about it?

Learn Something New Today
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Learning something new does not mean that you have to return to school full-time. But taking a class at the local college, participating in an online course Where to Find Free Online Cooking & Baking Classes Where do you go if you want to approach cooking and baking systematically? Most online cooking courses are paid, but these seven are both free and excellent. Read More , or even finding books to read up on topics yourself are all options. Becoming educated in a subject that motivates you to learn might just spark some wonderful new ideas.

2. I Will Explore My Hidden Talents

Many people have creative talents that they keep tucked away. They don’t use them in their careers and instead turn them into hobbies. But there are others who simply keep them hidden. Do you have a talent that you would like to explore?


Artist Paint Palette
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Perhaps you are a budding artist, but never have time to create artwork? Maybe you can sing like Mariah Carey, but never thought you were good enough? Whatever the skill or talent is that you have been ignoring, exploring it can help boost your creativity. Set aside a little time each day or week and encourage your gift.

3. I Will Exercise (More)

Most people would agree that some form of exercise is necessary to good health. However, there are studies that show exercise can actually increase those creative areas of your mind.

One such study comes from Leiden University in the Netherlands:


People who exercise regularly are better at creative thinking. This is the outcome of research by Leiden cognitive psychologist Lorenza Colzato. She published an article on this subject in the scientific magazine Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.

This does not mean that you should begin a hardcore workout routine each day. And, the study below from Stanford University revolves around simple walking to improve creativity. Remember, experts suggest that you consult a physician when beginning or adjusting an exercise routine.

From the Stanford University study:

The study found that walking indoors or outdoors similarly boosted creative inspiration. The act of walking itself, and not the environment, was the main factor. Across the board, creativity levels were consistently and significantly higher for those walking compared to those sitting.

So if you have been waiting for the new year to vow you will exercise This Infographic Will Make You Want to Exercise Read More (more), know that you may just receive the creative inspiration you need by doing it.

4. I Will Be More Open-Minded

Being open-minded does not mean that you have to accept every idea that you hear. But being receptive to different ways of doing things can open your mind to new possibilities. If you normally believe that your way is the right way, then you may never realize that there is a better option.


Idea Open Mind Illustration
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Once you become more accepting of new ideas, you will find yourself exploring other ways to solve problems. The phrase “think outside the box” may just become a part of your life. You might try to come up with different methods rather than what you are used to doing.

Open-mindedness adds to your creativity and allows you to discover something out of your ordinary.

5. I Will Have More Silly Fun

There is a reason that adult coloring books and videos games are so popular: they are fun. If you enjoyed coloring as a child, that activity now can help relieve stress after a long day. Similarly, playing a game, whether it be a puzzle or platformer, can take your mind off of things. Importantly, both of these activities can also increase your creativity.


Adult Coloring Book With Pencil
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Coloring in a physical book or using an app on your mobile device De-Stress On The Go With iPhone Coloring Apps The act and art of coloring, once reserved for children, is now being seen as a form of therapy for adults. Read More definitely brings out your creativity. Mixing colors, creating a picture, and seeing the finished product can all stimulate your imagination.

If you enjoy puzzles or games that challenge you to solve a problem, then go for it. For many people, there is no better way to get the brain pumping than a game that makes you think. From Words With Friends to Angry Birds, these problem-solving games are great for your mind.

6. I Will Eat Healthier

Just like with the topic of exercise, most of us know that eating better makes us healthier. Along with this, researchers have found a correlation between food consumption and creativity.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
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Harvard Business Review summarizes a productivity study from results published in the British Journal of Health Psychology:

Within the study, participants reported their food consumption, mood, and behaviors over a period of 13 days … Here was their conclusion: the more fruits and vegetables people consumed (up to 7 portions), the happier, more engaged, and more creative they tended to be.

Some foods that are said to improve creativity include berries, avocados, walnuts, and kale, but there are several more. If you have made the decision to start off the new year by eating healthier 6 Websites and Apps That Reward You for Being Healthy Staying motivated to get fit can be hard, but with these apps and websites, you'll get rewarded for eating right, exercising, and losing weight. Read More , then you might just be giving your brain the boost it needs.

Have You Made Your New Years Resolutions Yet?

Maybe we have inspired you to make a new years resolution Make Your New Year Resolutions Work with 9+ Super Tools Every year we need a few fantastic websites and resources in our quest to make a better self. For every new year resolution, you can find an online tool to guide you. We recommend some. Read More or perhaps you already have. What are you planning to change or improve on in the new year to give your creativity a nudge?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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    According to studies, 90% of people making New Year's resolutions, give up on them by the second week of the new year.