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New Windows Update Needs More RAM, WhatsApp Gold Is Malware… [Tech News Digest]

Dave Parrack 25-05-2016

Windows 10 Anniversary Update requires more RAM, WhatsApp Gold is nothing but malware, the Google Nexus Player is no more, Google Maps adds more ads, and the Clueless Gamer plays Overwatch.


Microsoft Ups Windows 10 Minimum Specs

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update Windows 10 Anniversary Update Due in July & These Are Its Best Features You will love the Windows 10 Anniversary Update! The second big upgrade to Windows 10 since its launch in July 2015 is expected this summer. Here we highlight the most exciting features. Read More , due to be released at the end of July, will bring with it a host of welcome changes, including Cortana, Hello, and Windows Ink. However, it will also bring with it a new minimum specs requirement, including the first increase in RAM for several years.

According to Microsoft’s own Hardware Dev Center, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update requires 2GB of RAM, a 1GHz processor, and at least 16GB of free storage space. The 64-bit version of Windows 10 already requires 2GB of RAM, but it’s now the minimum required for the 32-bit version as well.

Most of you reading this will probably laugh at the idea of using a computer with less than 2GB of RAM. However, Windows 7 was launched in 2009, so there are probably lots of people who bought affordable PCs back then thinking 1GB of RAM would suffice. But now, having upgraded to Windows 10 (whether they wanted to or not Microsoft Tricks Users Into Windows 10 Upgrades, Windows Phone Is Dead... [Tech News Digest] Microsoft resorts to dirty tactics with Windows 10, Windows Phone is deader than a dead thing, Reddit introduces embeds on other sites, Edward Snowden says no to Allo, and the new Star Trek Beyond trailer... Read More ), they’ll find it’s just not good enough.

WhatsApp Gold Isn’t a Real Thing

If you get offered the chance to download WhatsApp Gold, don’t do it, because it’s loaded with malware. Scammers are sending messages to people inviting them to use WhatsApp Gold, a supposed premium version of the messaging app packed with features previously only available to celebrities.


WhatsApp Gold promises the ability to send hundreds of photos at once, video calling, new emojis, and more besides. Unfortunately, it’s all too good to be true, and anyone actually dumb enough to download WhatsApp Gold will find their computer or mobile device riddled with malicious software Malware on Android: The 5 Types You Really Need to Know About Malware can affect mobile as well as desktop devices. But don't be afraid: a bit of knowledge and the right precautions can protect you from threats like ransomware and sextortion scams. Read More .

This is a new variation of an old scam that has been floating around for a long time. The malware-laden WhatsApp clone used to be called WhatsApp Plus, but now has a new name, WhatsApp Gold. The end result is the same, however, so if you do receive this message, just delete it and block the sender.

Google Kills the Nexus Player

Google has killed off the Nexus Player Google Nexus Player and Game Controller Review and Giveaway Read More , the Asus-made set-top box powered by Android TV. Google introduced the Nexus Player in 2014 as a means of getting people using Android TV. However, Android TV What Is Android TV, and Why Was Google TV Killed? Android TV is replacing the now-five-year-old Google TV. And it's not just an update -- it's a complete remake. Read More now comes-pre-loaded on smart television sets 4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy a Smart TV What is a smart TV and should you buy one? Here's a detailed look at the biggest drawbacks of modern smart TVs. Read More from the likes of Sony and Sharp, making the Nexus Player surplus to requirements.

Most third-party retailers stopped selling the Nexus Player months ago, but the device was still listed on the Google Play Store. But that’s no longer the case, with the hockey puck-shaped set-top box having been discontinued. Google told The Verge the “Nexus Player is still available on some retail sites,” but it is, for all intents and purposes, dead.


This means existing users may be able to make a killing selling their Nexus Player on eBay. That is unless everybody else has the same bright idea. Buyers will need to bear in mind the possibility of Google ending support sooner rather than later, as Google’s desire to keep updating discontinued hardware is sure to wane over time.

Google Maps Is Getting More Ads

Prepare to start seeing more ads on Google Maps in the future. In a long-winded Inside AdWords blog post about adapting advertising for a mobile-first world, Google has revealed it’s upping the number and variety of ads on Google Maps.

These ads, which are designed to “help advertisers reach consumers searching for physical business locations,” will offer “more branded, customized experiences for businesses on Google Maps”. For example, “Maps users may start to see promoted pins for nearby coffee shops, gas stations or lunch spots along their driving route”.

This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to anyone, as Google Maps is free, and therefore needs to be paid for by advertising. These ads could also add to the wealth of information already contained within Google Maps Become a Google Maps Boss With These 6 Crucial Tips How can you make use of Google Maps to the utmost? What sorts of tricks await your utilization? Keep reading to find out how you can become a Google Maps pro in no time. Read More . The only problem being your favorite independent coffee shop probably isn’t going to pay for Google Maps advertising, unlike Starbucks.


Game of Thrones Stars Play Overwatch

And finally, Overwatch is a new FPS (first-person shooter) from Blizzard, which has obviously decided it needs a new IP to keep bringing the money rolling in. It’s simple, it’s polished, features memorable characters, and a perfect learning curve. Hence the fantastic review scores.

However, Overwatch isn’t going to wow everyone who plays it. As this video, featuring Conan O’Brien in his Clueless Gamer role, and both Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey from Game of Thrones. They find the whole thing rather ridiculous, but then they are used to waging bloody war.

Your Views on Today’s Tech News

Is your PC capable of running Windows 10 Anniversary Update? Have you ever seen the WhatsApp Gold scam in the wild? Are you upset over Google killing Google Nexus? Are you bothered by Google Maps getting more ads? Do you have any interest in playing Overwatch?

Let us know your thoughts on the Tech News of the day by posting to the comments section below. Because a healthy discussion is always welcome.


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