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New Windows 10 Devices, How a Dancing Baby Changed The Internet… [Tech News Digest]

Dave Parrack 15-09-2015

Microsoft teases new Windows 10 devices, the dancing baby wins, Apple claims the iPhone 6s is selling well, VLC and Plex apps are coming to the Apple TV, PewDiePie is on TV, and Cats vs. Zombies fight to the death.


New Windows 10 Hardware Is Incoming

Microsoft has announced it’s holding a huge event in New York on October 6. The announcement is, at this stage, just a tease, with Microsoft promising, “We have some exciting news to share about Windows 10 devices.” But that’s all Microsoft is willing to divulge at this point.

Thankfully, extra information has already leaked, with all signs pointing towards this event being used to launch a host of new Windows 10 devices 10 Compelling Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10 Windows 10 is coming on July 29. Is it worth upgrading for free? If you are looking forward to Cortana, state of the art gaming, or better support for hybrid devices - yes, definitely! And... Read More . This includes the Surface Pro 4, the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL handsets, and a new Microsoft Band smartwatch and fitness tracker Get Fit With Microsoft Health, Windows Phone By The Numbers [Tech News Digest] Also, wearables banned, YouTube goes 60fps, watch people making games on Twitch, and Mike Tyson plays Punch-Out! Read More .

The Surface Pro 4 is, in terms of form factor, likely to be more of the same. However, we expect a new processor, improved battery life, and a refined keyboard at the very least. The Lumia handsets will both be high-end devices, with large screens, lots of RAM, and stunning cameras.

The Dancing Baby Finally Wins Its Case

In 2007, when YouTube was still in its infancy, Stephanie Lenz uploaded a video of her baby son dancing to Let’s Go Crazy by Prince. Universal Music Group, which owns the copyright to Let’s Go Crazy, immediately issued a takedown notice using the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) What Is the Digital Media Copyright Act? Read More .


Unlike most people, who simply accept such takedowns, Lenz fought back. She claimed the video should remain on YouTube under the “Fair Use” clause What Is Fair Use? A Basic Explanation For Aspiring Creatives [MakeUseOf Explains] Half of the videos I find on YouTube always have some note in the description about how it's totally legal for the creator to use songs from their favorite band as background music. Their reasoning... Read More , and sued Universal for abusing the DMCA. The case has been ongoing for eight long years, but an appeals court has now sided with Lenz.

This means that copyright holders should consider whether a video is OK under fair use laws before sending a takedown notice. Which isn’t what happens at the moment, with the biggest rights-holders sending out takedown notices How To Respond To Content Thieves With a DMCA Takedown Notice If you have ever had a piece of work stolen and published elsewhere online, you know that it can feel pretty hopeless. Nasty content thieves just don't seem to care how they acquire anything, and... Read More at the first hint of an infringement.

Apple Heralds Early iPhone 6s Sales

Apple wants you to know it’s doing very well, thanks for asking. Or, more accurately, it wants the stock market to regain some confidence in its product line.

To this end, the company issued a statement saying, “Customer response to iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus has been extremely positive and pre-orders this weekend were very strong around the world. We are on pace to beat last year’s 10 million unit first-weekend record when the new iPhones go on sale Sept. 25.”


This statement should, of course, be taken with a pinch of salt. Because without releasing actual sales figures for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Here Comes the iPhone 6S: What’s New & Should You Upgrade? The good news: the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus has just been announced. The bad news: your iPhone is now out of date, and you'll need to sell a kidney for the latest model. Read More , we cannot be sure how the numbers stack up. Still, as reported by CNBC, the stock market responded as Apple wanted it to, with the Apple share price climbing. Thus proving that it isn’t just the Apple faithful who are blinded by the hype A Hype-Free Guide to the Latest Apple Event... [Tech News Digest] It's an all-Apple edition of Tech News Digest, with a look at everything Apple revealed at its latest event. Albeit minus the hype lumped in by other publications. Read More , but investors too.

The New Apple TV Gets VLC & Plex Apps

Apple is finally catching up to the rest of the TV industry, and allowing developers to create apps for the new Apple TV. And, according to MacRumors, two of the most popular media streaming apps are already on their way to Apple TV. Namely, VLC 6 More VLC Media Player Features You Must Try VLC is a media player more powerful than you might realize. Are you using it to its full potential? Here are some pointers. Read More and Plex Your Guide To Plex - The Awesome Media Center If you have a lot of locally-saved movies and TV shows, you need to install Plex. And this is the only guide to getting started with Plex you'll ever need to read. Read More .

The developers behind VLC revealed, “Some code to build VLCKit for the new tvOS was merged. It’s very early though, but we have video playback!”

Meanwhile, Plex co-founder Scott Olechowski said, “There is no question we will be able to offer Plex on the platform. There are multiple ways to go about it, based on the tvOS SDK we now have access to. We are now evaluating the best path for Plex and will begin work in earnest once we have evaluated the options.”


PewDiePie Is Making a TV Show

It looks as though PewDiePie is ready to make the transition from YouTube to TV. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the YouTube star, real name Felix Kjellberg, is currently in Los Angeles filming a new television show. Unfortunately, it isn’t something he is yet ready (or able) to talk about.

PewDiePie is already hugely successful, having racked up almost 40 million subscribers on YouTube. This following earns him millions of dollars Twitter Wishes You Happy Birthday, Reddit Admits It Screwed Up, & More... [Tech News Digest] Twitter brings balloons, Reddit retaliates, the Story Mode of Minecraft, a free anti-NSA font, PewDiePie's millions, and the Fresh Prince discovers GTA V. Read More every year, and even won him a guest spot on a recent episode of South Park. However, someone in Hollywood thinks he deserves more than a mere cameo.

Cats Vs. Zombies: Who Will Win?!

And finally, while there have been countless movies and television shows depicting what would happen to humans in the event of a zombie apocalypse, no one has ever shown what would happen to domesticated animals. Until now. All that’s missing is a Nokia 3310 Keep the Undead Dead: The Best Tech for Taking out Zombies This is a breaking report. An unknown disease is sweeping the nation. Please remain indoors. There are some items in your home that may be of assistance. What follows is a special report from MakeUseOf. Read More .

This short film shows how our feline friends wouldn’t simply lay down and die. Instead, they would take up arms, and fight back against the zombie hordes with all their might. Saving a few kittens in the process. They even use lessons learned from watching MacGyver.


Your Views on Today’s Tech News

Are you looking forward to seeing new Windows 10 devices? Are you pleased the dancing baby won its copyright case? Have you pre-ordered an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus? Will you be buying the new Apple TV? Do you love or hate PewDiePie?

Let us know your thoughts on the Tech News of the day by posting to the comments section below. Because a healthy discussion is always welcome.

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  1. Anonymous
    September 16, 2015 at 1:24 am

    "the stock market responded as Apple wanted it to, with the Apple share price climbing."
    So Fruitco would have everyone believe. Considering that the stock market in general rose, the "climb" in Apple's price may have more to do with the general market trend than with the Apple announcement. As the saying goes "A rising tide lifts all boats". Apple just happened to be one of those boats.