We’ve Launched a New Site: Introducing Modern Ratio!

Joel Lee 01-10-2019

Over the past year, MakeUseOf has branched out to launch two sister sites: Blocks Decoded, where we focus on all things blockchain and cryptocurrency, and WhatNerd, where we cover various aspects of geek lifestyle and entertainment.

This month, we’re taking another step with our third site: Modern Ratio, for men and women who want to grow up and become the best versions of themselves.

We've Launched a New Site: Introducing Modern Ratio! modern ratio new personal development website screenshot

What does “growing up” really mean? Well, it’s more than age. I may have enrolled in university and become an adult in the eyes of the law at age 18, and may have tasted my first drink at age 21, and may have landed my first job at 23, but I don’t think I truly started “growing up” until I was 25. I’d lost a lot of material possessions in an apartment fire, and that kicked me into an entirely new mindset: my priorities changed, I started taking responsibility for my life, and it’s all been uphill since.

Read more on how we define real maturity.

It’s a story many of us share. The details may be different, but the gist is the same: it’s one thing to become an adult by law, another thing to be an adult by mindset, and something entirely different to be a healthy, well-rounded adult. Striking this balance is what we call the modern ratio, and it’s what we strive for every day.

At Modern Ratio, you’ll find articles about style, beauty, health, character, etiquette, know-how, life experiences, and more. A lot of that is still to come—we only just launched, after all—but we’re excited for what’s in store and hope you’ll join us.

You can keep up with Modern Ratio by checking out the site at your own convenience, following the Modern Ratio RSS feed, or using the above signup form to get our monthly roundup delivered straight to your email inbox.

Regardless, we appreciate you being a fan of MakeUseOf and we hope you’ll find more content to enjoy at our other sites. Let us know if you have any comments or questions.


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