New Photosynth Brings Spin, Panorama, Walk and Wall for Immersive 3D Photos

Mihir Patkar 14-12-2013

Microsoft’s Photosynth is a fantastic way to create 3D panoramas Create Stunning 3D Panoramas on Your iPhone With Microsoft Photosynth [iOS] Creating a panorama from multiple images is no longer the arduous, drawn out tweak-fest it used to be. Microsoft released a tool that could make a 3D panorama automatically, called Photosynth, and it really has... Read More to really give you a look and feel of a place. And it’s just got a whole lot better. A preview of the new Photosynth offers a peek at the different upcoming features, which Microsoft calls Spin, Panorama, Walk and Wall.

  • Spin: Spin around any object to capture it from all angles. It only lets you go all around though, not up and down as well. (20-30 photos)
  • Panorama: Stand in one place and turn in every direction to capture a 360-degree view of everything around you. Again, only go around, not up and down. (25-40 photos)
  • Walk: If you want someone to see a walk from one point into the distance–like up a steep climb–then this feature is the easy way to stitch those images together. (Up to 200 photos)
  • Wall: Got a large wall of graffiti that you want to capture and share? Just strafe sideways and capture it wall, and let Photosynth do the rest. (Up to 200 photos)

by on Photosynth

Once you create and upload photos, Photosynth’s smart tech identifies successive points (images that overlap) and stitches them together to form one large image. If you want a more robust and professional software for this, we’d recommend you check out Arcsoft Panorama Maker 6 Stitch Together Panoramic Images With Arcsoft Panorama Maker 6 [Giveaway] Here at MakeUseOf, we’ve given away ArcSoft products in the past. This week, we’ll be giving away 25 copies of Arcsoft Panarama Maker 6 worth a total of $2000 absolutely free! Read More .

This large image can be viewed with the new 3D tools used in Bing maps. It’s a really user-friendly interface and you can check out some samples at Photosynth Preview. During this technical preview, you can view, like, and share synths created by other Photosynth users.

Those who want to try it out can also sign up for the service and wait for their invitation, which are being sent out on a case by case basis at the moment. It’d also be advisable to go through the expert shooting guide.

Even if you don’t get in, Photosynth is a fantastic site to get a 360-degree virtual world tour 8 Panorama Websites For A 360 Degree Virtual Tour Around The World Read More , and it’s only gotten better with the new features.


Source: Bing blog

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