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The New Nintendo Switch Lite Is Available for Preorder Now

Dave LeClair 31-07-2019

Nintendo recently announced a new version of its beloved Switch console, and it comes with some pretty sizable changes. Only a short time after revealing that the new console would be available, the Switch Lite has shown up on Amazon for preorder, meaning you can lock a console in for yourself without worrying about it selling out.


What’s the Nintendo Switch Lite?

Essentially, the Switch Lite is a cheaper, feature-light version of the Switch. In terms of price, Nintendo managed to shave quite a bit off, as the new console retails for only $199, while the original Switch sells for $299.

Obviously, in order to shave $100 off the price, Nintendo had to shave some features off the console as well. The biggest change comes from the ability to dock the console and use it on the big screen. The change is that, well, there’s no video out at all, so you actually can’t dock it.

Because the console can only be used in handheld mode, Nintendo also nixed the removable Joy-Cons from the console, so the controls are always attached. This could add a little bit of durability to the console, as there are fewer moving parts, which might make this a better option for parents looking for a device for their kids.

Another positive that comes from having the controllers attached is a better d-pad since there’s no need to use both Joy-Cons on their own.

Everything else about the Switch Lite is the same as the original Switch, so there’s no need to worry about the cheaper console suffering any performance issues when playing games—they’ll run exactly the same as they do in handheld mode on the original Switch.


Nintendo Switch Lite Release Date and Price

While you can lock in the device on Amazon now for $199.99, the device is actually scheduled to release on September 20, so you’ll need to be patient and wait for a console to actually arrive.

The Switch Light is available in three colors: grey, turquoise, and yellow. The price is the same regardless of which color you go with.

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