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The New Gmail Integrates Google Meet, Chat, and Rooms

Dave LeClair 20-07-2020

Google has a lot of different apps and services. And sometimes it can be a little challenging to get them all to play nicely with each other. Fortunately, the company is rolling out an extensive redesign to Gmail that better integrates Chat, Rooms, and Meet with its incredibly popular Gmail client.


As many of us now work from home 5 Remote Work Resources to Work From Home Productively If you're new to remote working or trying to figure out how to work from home, these tips will help you stay productive. Read More , communication is more critical than ever. With this in mind, Google is redesigning Gmail to make using its various communication tools feel like one unified platform rather than a bunch of separate apps. However, this update isn’t currently meant for regular Gmail users. Instead, it’s targeted at companies that use G Suite.

Gmail’s New Look for Work

The new update for Gmail and G Suite looks very useful. And it seems that Google might have finally nailed the chat experience with this all-in-one update.

Essentially, the update brings Mail, Chat, Rooms, Meet, and other Google services into one streamlined interface. The new integrations will apply to both the mobile and desktop versions of Gmail. Each platform features an easy-to-access row of buttons that make switching between Google’s communication services quick and painless.

Google Docs is also going to be a big part of the update, as Google will make it easy to open documents right in the app without needing to open a completely separate service. This alone could speed up workflows for many companies.

Google is also leaning a little harder into its nudging and elevating features, as it won’t just surface emails that need your attention. Now, it will also push essential rooms and chats that may require a follow-up to the front.


Because so many companies use G Suite for email, integrating the other services into one clean UI could convince quite a few companies to use Google’s other services instead of apps like Slack and Zoom.

How to Get the New Gmail

Unfortunately, Google isn’t rolling out the new change to everyone just yet. However, you can sign up to be notified when it’s available by heading to this page. You’ll just need to provide some information about yourself and your company. From there, Google will send an email telling you when and how you can try out the new experience.

Google hasn’t yet announced an exact time frame for when this would roll out to all G Suite users or when it would become part of the regular Gmail experience. In the meantime, make sure you’re using Gmail’s keyboard shortcuts The Most Useful Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts Everyone Should Know The easiest way to boost your Gmail productivity is to start using keyboard shortcuts for common tasks. Read More to navigate the app efficiently, as they will save you tons of time.

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